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How to increase potion capacity in Final Fantasy 16

Updated: Jun 26, 2023 2:38 pm
How to increase potion capacity in Final Fantasy 16

Combat is a constant in Final Fantasy 16. When you are dealing with fighting all the time, you will need something to help you heal. You can rely on Torgal for some healing, but you will need some potions if you want to stay alive.

When heading into the storm to fight enemies like the Bomb King or Morbol, you will need regular potions, High Potions, Strength Tonics, and Stoneskin Tonics. These will keep Clive alive and kicking.

There are ways to make your potions stronger in Final Fantasy XVI. There are also ways to get more potions in the world. You will need them, especially when dealing with Notorious Marks. This guide will show you how to increase potion capacity in Final Fantasy 16.

How to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16

To get more potions in Final Fantasy 16, you will want to complete the side quests Weird Science and Weirder Science. You will unlock these side quests after meeting Mid during the main quest and completing her workshop in the Hideaway.

During the Weird Science quest, you will be tasked with collecting Bomb Ash from King Bomb for Owain. King Bomb can be found in the Crock in Sanbreque. To reach this area quickly, fast travel to The Dragon’s Aery Obelisk.

The second quest comes later in the story and will have you collecting more items to further increase your inventory space.

You can also increase your potion potency by completing the Root of the Problem and the Please Sir, Can I have some Morbol Side quests.

Completing all of these quests will get you a lot more potions added to your inventory. If you want to get more potions in the game, you can go to the merchant Charon in the Hideaway or talk to any other merchant around Valisthea. They will all sell potions to you for various Gil amounts ranging from 200 to 10,000.

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