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Does Jill die in Final Fantasy 16?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023 3:20 pm
Does Jill die in Final Fantasy 16?

Does Jill end up dead in Final Fantasy 16? There are plenty of characters that you will encounter throughout your journey across Valisthea like Clive Rosfield, Joshua, Cid, and Hugo Kupka. Not all of these characters are allies, but each has a compelling story.

Jill Warrick is the Dominant of Shiva and has known Clive since a young age. She was taken by the Ironblood when they raided the Duchy. Now, she is the bearer of the magic of Shiva and helps Clive on his journey.

Square Enix has never kept a romance alive in the Final Fantasy series. With an unknown fate, Jill helps Clive explore the world of Valisthea and take down high-profile enemies. She even helps destroy the mothercrystals. What is her fate though? Does Jill die in Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 – Does Jill Die?

The quick answer to the question is no. Jill does not die in Final Fantasy 16. She remains a prominent character in the story until the very end. Instead, it is another character who meets their maker at the end of the story.

Jill is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy 16 and one of the many who can wield the power of the Eikons. She was used as the Iron Kingdom’s weapon thanks to her control over Shiva. Since she was a young girl, Jill and Clive have had a close relationship. She has also been close with Clive’s other companion, Torgal.

When Clive meets Jill as an adult, he tries to kill her. After realizing who she is, he keeps her alive and the two slowly grow closer over the course of the story. Eventually a romance blossoms between them, but that does meet a tragic end like most of the other games.

Though there is a tragic end to the relationship, it is not by any fault of Jill’s. Instead, (spoiler warning) Clive is the one who takes the fall. While this is unfortunate, at least there is room for their bond to grow before the end.

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