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What are Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023 3:02 pm
What are Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 is filled with activities for you to take on like powerful side content and vicious boss battles. Square Enix has added a little bit of something for everyone who is a fan of the Final Fantasy series.

Distraught over his younger brother Joshua’s death, Clive Rosfields tale focuses on fate and the battle between Eikons as he gets revenge for his brother. As you progress through the story, you will defeat many foes but none are as powerful as Notorious Marks.

Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy XVI will give you a run for your money but they are necessary foes if you want to become powerful. This single-player experience will have you relying on only yourself and Clive’s pet Torgal. So what are Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 – Notorious Marks explained

Simply put, Notorious Marks are tough monsters found out in the wilds of Valisthea. These foes are different from Eikons like Ifrit and Phoenix. Notorious Marks are high-profile enemies that you can get quests for from the hunt board in Cid’s Hideaway.

IGN revealed a video showing off hunter battles against two different creatures, Grimalkin and Atlas. Both foes were quite formidable and were able to stand up well against the might of the Rosfield legacy.

Defeating Notorious Marks will increase your rank with the Hideaway and get your feats as well as treasure and ability points. Notorious Marks can be seen walking around the different locations of the world. Walking up to them will start a hunt battle which can be quite difficult so make sure you are prepared before trying to take on these foes.

Those who want to try out the game before purchasing it can download the demo. The Final Fantasy 16 demo covers the prologue of the game and shows Phoenix rising from the ashes. Be sure to try out the Eikonic challenge mode that allows you to get a grasp on the combat system before trying out the full game.

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