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These are the rarest Fortnite items that may never return

Epic Games has kept some Fortnite items vaulted for a couple of years, and they may never return to the Item Shop again.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023 7:55 pm
These are the rarest Fortnite items that may never return

Fortnite has numerous rare cosmetic items. Most of these items were released through the Battle Pass, but some have come to the Item Shop. While Item Shop cosmetics aren’t generally supposed to stay rare, some of them may never return to the game.

This article will list some of the rarest Fortnite items that may stay in the vault for many more years. We’ll list the rarest skin, pickaxe, emote, and much more. If you own only one of these items, consider yourself lucky!

Rarest Fortnite skin – Reflex

fortnite reflex skin
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Reflex was released as an exclusive Nvidia skin. Fortnite players were able to obtain it exclusively by purchasing one of the new graphics cards at the time. Unfortunately, Epic Games accidentally released the skin to the Item Shop, causing an outcry from the community.

The Fortnite creator eventually released a new outfit for the owners of new graphics cards, but Reflex has never returned to the shop. He is the rarest Fortnite skin as he was last seen in the Item Shop on March 4, 2019. Due to this, we believe he will never be able for purchase again.

Other rare Fortnite skins

fortnite galaxy skin
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Renegade Raider is another rare skin, but contrary to popular belief, it was never released to the Fortnite Item Shop. The skin, along with Aerial Assault Trooper, was released to the so-called Season Shop and was purchasable by V-Bucks.

Other rare Fortnite skins include the Galaxy skin (obtainable by purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone), OG Skull Trooper (Item Shop), and the Demogorgon skin from the Stranger Things collaboration. The Royale Bomber skin used to be very rare since it was an exclusive skin that was part of a PlayStation Fortnite bundle. However, the skin is still available through third-party sellers, which has caused its rarity to go down.

Many other devices have had their exclusive skins. For example, the Double Helix skin was released exclusively on a Nintendo Switch console, and its limited availability is what makes it so popular. Epic also released the Glow skin in collaboration with Samsung and the Honor Guard skin for those who purchased an Honor View smartphone.

Interestingly, some skins haven’t been re-released due to controversies, like Travis Scott.

Rarest Fortnite emote – Fresh

fortnite fresh emote
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Fresh is one of the first Fortnite Battle Royale emotes to ever be released. The emote came out all the way back in Chapter 1 – Season 1, and many players loved it. Not only was it one of the first emotes, but it also had an Epic (Purple) rarity, which made it more special.

Unfortunately, Fresh was last seen on November 21, 2018. The emote became controversial due to its connection to Alfonso Ribeiro, a The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor who used similar dance moves in the popular show. It appears that the lawsuit Ribeiro filed is the reason why the emote hasn’t returned.

Rarest Fortnite pickaxe – Widow’s Bite

fortnite widows bite pickaxe
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Epic Games released Black Widow with the second Marvel collaboration. The popular Avengers hero received a skin in Fortnite, as well as several accessories. Her pickaxe, Widow’s Bite, has been in the Item Shop only six times and is currently the rarest pickaxe in the video game.

Just like the skin, Widow’s Bite hasn’t returned since May 6, 2019. Considering that Epic released a new variant of the hero, we may never see the original Black Widow skin and its accessories return to the shop. A new Black Widow movie was released in 2021, yet the skin wasn’t released for it.

Rarest Fortnite back bling – Rust Bucket

fortnite rust bucket
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Rust Bucket was available in Fortnite’s Item Shop for only a week. Epic Games released it for free to make up for long server downtime. Surprisingly, the video game developer has never brought it back, making it the rarest back bling in the game.

The cosmetic item was last seen on April 19, 2018. Considering that it was released for a special occasion, it most likely will never return to the game.

Rarest Fortnite glider – Mako

fortnite mako glider
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Mako is another cosmetic item that was supposed to be exclusive, but Epic Games released it to the Item Shop. The glider, which was originally available in the Season Shop in the first-ever season of Fortnite, appeared in the Item Shop only once.

Considering that this was a mistake, Epic Games likely won’t release the cosmetic item ever again. Due to this, we expect Mako to remain the rarest Fortnite glider, as its release date was January 2, 2019.

Rarest Fortnite wrap – World Cup 2019

fortnite world cup wrap
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Fortnite World Cup was a fantastic esports event that took place in 2019. The competitive tournament brought several cosmetic items to the Item Shop, but many of them have never returned to the video game.

World Cup 2019 is the rarest Fortnite wrap that was last available on July 28, 2019. The wrap is animated and looks beautiful, but unfortunately, Epic Games may never bring it back.

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