Genshin Impact Ningguang

An in-depth guide on how to build Genshin Impact’s Tainquan of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 4:03 pm

Ningguang is a 4-star Geo Catalyst character who specialises as a Main or Burst DPS, and is available on the Character Event Wish, Epitome Invocation and Wanderlust Invocation Standard Banners. Keep reading to find out what materials are needed to Ascend Ningguang, her best builds and an overview of how to use her effectively.

Ningguang Ascension Stat

All characters in Genshin Impact have a particular stat that levels up alongside their base stats. For Ningguang, this extra stat is Geo DMG Bonus. This helps her to deal more DMG with each of her various attacks.

Ningguang Ascension Materials

Once you have obtained Ningguang and maxed her to Level 20, she can be further levelled up through Ascension. The materials you will need to Ascend Ningguang are as follows:

Level 20

  • Prithiva Topaz Sliver x 1
  • Glaze Lily x 3
  • Recruit’s Insignia x 3

Level 40

  • Prithiva Topaz Fragment x 3
  • Basalt Pillar x 2
  • Glaze Lily x 10
  • Recruit’s Insignia x 15

Level 50

  • Prithiva Topaz Fragment x 6
  • Basalt Pillar x 4
  • Glaze Lily x 20
  • Sergeant’s Insignia x 12

Level 60

  • Prithiva Topaz Chunk x 3
  • Basalt Pillar x 8
  • Glaze Lily x 30
  • Sergeant’s Insignia x 18

Level 70

  • Prithiva Topaz Chunk x 6
  • Basalt Pillar x 12
  • Glaze Lily x 45
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia x 12

Level 80

  • Prithiva Topaz Gemstone x 6
  • Basalt Pillar x 20
  • Glaze Lily x 60
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia x 24

Prithiva Topaz Slivers, Fragments, Chunks and Gemstones can be obtained by defeating Geo Hypostasis, located in Liyue.

Basalt Pillars can be obtained by defeating the Geo Hypostasis, located in Liyue.

Glaze Lilies can be found growing in Liyue. They grow in abundance in Liyue Harbour and Qingce Village.

Recruit’s Insignia, Sergeant’s Insignia and Lieutenant’s Insignia can be obtained by defeating Fatui Skirmisheres, Fatui Agents and Electro Cicin Mages, which can be found all over Teyvat.

Ningguang Talent Materials

In order to make Ningguang stronger, you’ll need to upgrade her talents. The materials you will need are as follows:

  • Recruit’s Insignia
  • Sergeant’s Insignia
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia
  • Teachings of Prosperity
  • Guide to Prosperity
  • Philosophies of Prosperity
  • Spirit Locket of Boreas

The Teachings, Guide and Philosophies of Prosperity can be obtained by completing the Domain of Mastery: Altar of Flames every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Meanwhile, the Spirit Locket of Boreas is a potential drop from the Weekly Boss Wolf of the North.

Ningguang Best Weapons

As a DPS, Ningguang has several solid weapon options. Here are some suggestions:

  • Skyward Atlas (5*)
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5*)
  • Memory of Dust (5*)
  • The Widsith (4*)
  • Solar Pearl (4*)
  • Dodoco Tales (4*)

Ningguang can benefit a lot from both Skyward Atlas and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds thanks to their high ATK% and CRIT Rate substats, although how much Ningguang can make use of their passives relies on how long she’s on-field. As a Main DPS, Ningguang will be able to stack Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds’ passive, but it doesn’t work well for a Burst DPS build since she needs to be on-field for a while to stack the passive. Skyward Atlas’ passive works well on both a Main and Burst DPS Ningguang. You could also use Memory of Dust on her if you’re planning on using her alongside Zhongli, as this will boost her ATK on hit and increase her shield strength.

In terms of her 4-star weapons, you have a couple of decent options. The Widsith and Solar Pearl will increase her CRIT DMG and Rate respectfully, which are ideal for Ningguang’s DPS capabilities. However, The Widsith’s passive won’t always work well on her; you’ll do well if the RNG increases either her ATK% or Elemental DMG%. Elemental Mastery doesn’t benefit Ningguang though, so if that’s the stat that gets boosted, your DPS won’t be as effective. Dodoco Tales can also be a good option if you have it, as it’ll boost both her Normal and Charged Attacks – perfect for an on-field DPS build.

Ningguang Best Artifacts

Ningguang has a couple different Artifact sets depending on how you’ll be using her. For a Main DPS build, you’ll want to use 2-Piece Archaic Petra and 2-Piece Gladiator’s Finale / Shimenawa’s Reminiscence. This will help to increase both her Geo DMG and overall ATK. For a Burst DPS build, 2-Piece Archaic Petra and 2-Piece Noblesse Oblige. It’s pretty similar to the Main DPS build, except it’ll focus on increasing her Burst DMG quite significantly instead of her overall ATK decently.

For low-level players, 2-Piece Berserker and 2-Piece Martial Artist or 4-Piece Martial Artist work well until you’re able to get higher level Artifacts.

For your Artifact main stats, you will want to run:

  • ATK% Sands
  • Geo DMG Bonus Goblet
  • CRIT DMG/Rate Circlet

In terms of Artifact substats, you’ll want to focus on ATK%, Energy Recharge, and both CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate.

How to Use Ningguang

Ningguang’s Elemental Skill, Jade Screen, creates a Jade Screen which deals AoE Geo DMG.

Ningguang’s Elemental Burst, Starshatter, creates a great number of gems which she scatters all at once, sending homing projectiles at her enemies that deal massive Geo DMG. If Starshatter is cast when a Jade Screen is nearby, the Jade Screen will fire additional gem projectiles at the same time.

Ningguang is fairly easy to use, and given she’s a 4-star character she’s very accessible, too. As an on-field Main DPS, you’ll mainly be using her Charged Attacks, Skill, and when it’s charged up, her Burst. Whereas as a Burst DPS, you’ll only be bringing her in to use her Skill, quickly followed by her Burst.

A newer team composition that has arisen is Ningguang, Zhongli, Gorou and Bennett (or another healer.) In this comp, Ningguang is your Main DPS, Zhongli will provide shields and Geo Resonance, Gorou will be your Geo support (and also provide Geo Resonance) and Bennett will be your support and healer. Ningguang will be on-field the majority of the time, occasionally switching to Zhongli to re-apply his shield. You’ll also want to use Gorou’s Skill and Burst whenever they’re available, as by doing so you’ll give your team two important buffs: increased resistance to interruption, and a Geo DMG Bonus. The former is handy just in case your Zhongli’s shield breaks or its duration ends, and the latter is extremely important for increasing Ningguang’s overall DPS. You’ll also be using Bennett’s Burst as and when you need to, but ideally before you use Ningguang’s Burst so it can deal an increased amount of DMG. Alternatively, you’ll be using your healer whenever your team starts to get low on HP.

Alternatively, a more Burst DPS-focused team might look like this: Ningguang, Zhongli / Albedo, Xiangling and Bennett. Ningguang will really only come on-field for her Burst, so having a Geo battery like Zhongli or Albedo is crucial. Both these characters will also act as Sub DPS and shield support units, as well as set up Geo Resonance. Xiangling will deal high Pyro DMG with her Skill and Burst, and Bennett will be your support, heals and set up Pyro Resonance to increase your whole team’s ATK.

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