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How long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

Here are the estimates for how long Ghostwire Tokyo is

Updated: Mar 24, 2022 2:06 pm
How long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

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Ghostwire Tokyo is the new game from Tango Softworks, the developers behind Evil Within. Rather than go down a survival horror route, the devs have instead taken to action-adventure and an open world with its new game. Normally, RPGs like this are quite long, so, those wondering how long is Ghostwire Tokyo is understandable.

What is Ghostwire Tokyo’s game length?

The length of Ghostwire Tokyo entirely depends on what you opt to do. If you’re only interested in playing the main story and nothing else, you’ll find the game is somewhat around 15-18 hours to get through the game’s six main story chapters. It of course depends if you’re sidetracking for some gear you want, or having some troubles on a harder difficulty.

Once you’re done with the main story, you then have side quests to do. A fair few side quests are knocking around the place. We highly recommend doing these (as per our review), as you get decent side missions, filling in gaps in the plot, and learning more about Japan in the process. It should add something like five to eight hours to your game. Some missions can be tricky, like the ones you have to scale skyscrapers, but those can be easily cheesed, with the ability to spawn Tengu to grapple to at will.

If you’re looking at 100% of the game, then there are a lot of collectables in the game. Unlike other collectable heavy games, this isn’t so bad. There are ways to find collectable easily, such as making wishes at shrines, getting clues from cats and dogs and paying attention to the sounds made during spirit sense. We expect this could add an extra five to ten hours, depending on how easy or hard you make it and when you start looking for collectables.

So how long is Ghostwire Tokyo for one save? By our math, it puts it around 25-30 hours. However, the game has an interesting new game plus feature. When you end the game, you can get special buffs for the next playhtorugh. This makes it easier to go into the game and play with the most difficult settings. This should add another 20 hours of gameplay if you’re interested in doing the story again, getting to see the real challenges of the game’s boss battles and mega monsters.

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