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Halo Infinite Fractured Tenrai event: Tiers and rewards

Here are the Halo Infinite Fractured Tenrai event rewards

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:15 pm
Halo Infinite Fractured Tenrai event: Tiers and rewards

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The Halo Infinite Fractured Tenrai event is the first free event coming to Halo Infinite season 1. Players will be able to jump into the event kicking off on November 23, allowing players to work their way through the 30 free tier challenges, unlocking new pieces of gear for the Tenrai Spartan outfit.

While the Fracture: Tenrai teaser revealed to us earlier in the month showcased what is coming up, there is no real data on the tier progression. However, it appears there is new information regarding the Halo Infinite Fractured Tenrai event tiers and rewards.

Fractured Tenrai Rewards

At the time of writing, the Halo Infinite Fractured Tenrai rewards are not officially revealed. However, one known leaker seems to be indicating the Fractured Tenrai rewards could look like:

  1. Nameplate background
  2. Challenge Swap
  3. XP
  4. Kanji emblem
  5. Armor core
  6. Challenge Swap
  7. XP
  8. XP
  9. Kanji Vehicle Emblem
  10. Left Shoulder
  11. Challenge Swap
  12. XP
  13. XP
  14. Kanji Armor Emblem
  15. Right Shoulder
  16. Challenge Swap
  17. XP
  18. XP
  19. Kanki Weapon Emblem
  20. MA40 AR Weapon Coating
  21. Challenge Swap
  22. XP
  23. XP
  24. MK50 Sidekick weapon coating
  25. Helmet
  26. Challenge Swap
  27. XP
  28. BR75 Battle Rifle Weapon Coating
  29. Face Mask Helmet Attachment
  30. Katana belt Hip Attachement.

As you can see, a lot of the rewards are filler and essentially the same thing. Also, there is no note on how much XP these tokens grant. No doubt we’ll know more information once when this is all live. Moreso, it appears that the XP tokens are consumable XP that work towards your active battle pass and not 2x XP for a given period. 

it is worth mentioning there are several other Japanese samurai themed cosmetics parts of the recent Spartan armor leaks in Halo Infinite. Note that these skins don’t seem to have a source and may be part of future rewards or store options. We will update the story when we know more about the Halo Infinite Fractured TenraI event tiers and rewards.

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