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Halo Infinite weapon guide and tier list

Seriously, why do I keep dying to the Battle Rifle?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021 7:58 pm
Halo Infinite weapon guide and tier list

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer rules. It’s this hot combination of the last few years of massive AAA multiplayer games and a delightful throwback to the feeling of older Halo games. Fast-paced, but with a method to it. There’s luck to be had with these weapons in your hands, but there’s a balance as well, as each one requires you to thoroughly plan out your attack before you just storm in.

This list is also probably going to be highly divisive in the WePC Office, as well as the community at large, as everyone will have their own opinions. However, having spent a solid week with the game and consuming far too much content about it, I’ve decided to go out on a limb and rank every gun available in the game. If you disagree, be sure to sound off in the comments, but you better have a good reason for it.

Every Halo Infinite weapon explained

WeaponWhat is it?
Assault Rifle
Halo Weapon Assault
If you’re in a close-range situation, press and hold that trigger down. Otherwise, burst fire so that the reticle blooming doesn’t affect your shot.
Battle Rifle
Halo Weapon BattleRifle
You’ll have to use these in Ranked, but know that they can usually kill from pretty much most distances, but you’ll want to aim for the head for the best time. Yes, you totally shot first, but also, they shot you three times in the head. You don’t suck, you just need to aim up.
Commando Rifle
Halo Weapon Commando
As with your Assault Rifle, you’re going to want to consider only going wild with the trigger if you know you’re in range. Otherwise, your shots are just going to go everywhere.
Sidekick Pistol
Halo Weapon Sidekick
Run your rifle down to the last and then when they’re all sparkly and have no shields – or very low shields – pop them dead with this return to form for Halo pistols.
Bulldog Shotgun
Halo Weapon Shotgun
Get in close, then shoot. It’s not as devastating as the one in Halo 3 or Reach, but it still packs a wallop.
Sniper Rifle
Halo Weapon Sniper
Point at the head and shoot.
Rocket Launcher
Halo Weapon Launcher
There’s no lock on and it’s very limited per game, but the SPNKR (amazing that I get to write that on a website) will kill a player pretty easily, even if the shot isn’t direct. In Big Team Battle, mostly use this on that cluster of players or the incoming Warthog.
If you use the tracking mode, it’ll take four hits, but with the regular mode, it’s three. However, this weapon is highly accurate, so as long as you make your mark, you’ll be fine.
Energy Sword
Halo Weapon Sword
Grab, stab and run away. These can turn the tide of battle, so as long as you know you can lunge forward, unsuspecting players will be grumbling about it in their team chat until you use it up.
Halo Weapon Needler
You really need to be close for this to be effective, but if you manage to land everything into another player, the homing spikes will explode. It’s a great way to get “From the Grave” medals.
Plasma Pistol
Halo Weapon PPistol
Aim true and run those shields down. then give them the ol’ one-two-punch or quickly spray and pray with another weapon to get the kill.
Pulse Carbine
Halo Weapon Carbine
While it has bullets that will track a player, if you’re in close, you’ll notice that the plasma blasts are super slow and can be dodged fairly easily.
Gravity Hammer
Halo Weapon Hammer
Crush the opponent… but only if you’re right next to them. Perfect for disrupting an oncoming vehicle, but the Gravity Hammer is slow. Maybe combining it with the grappling hook will give you some advantage.
Halo Weapon Mangle
Useless at a range, perfect up close, this weapon can kill with three headshots or a few body shots and a punch. It’s a little slow, but low key one of the better weapons available.
Halo Weapon Distruptor
Great against vehicles, as it acts like an EMP, but the Disruptor should not be your go-to for ending a fight. It deals damage over time, rather than direct, so you’re more than likely going to die shooting this over and over into them, but they should fall soon after too.
Stalker Rifle
Halo Weapon Stalker
This is the game’s energy sniper rifle, so you know, don’t use it in a close-range situation.
Halo Weapon Ravager
A grenade launcher with the option to shoot a bigger blast if you charge it up. This is great for crowd control but is difficult to aim.
Shock Rifle
Halo Weapon Shock
A weird piddly gauss rifle sort of deal. If you miss, you better hope they didn’t have their reticle on you.
Halo Weapon Skewer
The point, shoot and take down vehicles weapons. The Skewer can also kill in one shot. Grabbing one of these is basically walking around with instant death.
Halo Weapon Heatwave
Vaporise and conquer! This weapon will have its bullets bounce everywhere, but if you press the zoom button, it’ll swap between vertical and horizontal shots. Crowd or vehicle? Horizontal. Singular enemy? Vertical.
Bounce the grenades and hope to your God that it explodes. You can make it follow your reticle too.
Sentinel Beam
Halo Weapon Beam
Aim, zap and again, vaporise. This takes a couple of seconds of direct hits to do anything worthwhile, but in Big Team Battle catching someone off guard with this? Perfection.

Halo Infinite Weapon tier list

This – and I stress – is not definitive. It’s not even equally decided upon between the WePC staff. Anyway, I’m right, you’re wrong, let’s go!

  1. Rocket Launcher
  2. Energy Sword
  3. Sniper Rifle
  4. Assualt Rifle
  5. Battle Rifle
  6. Pistol
  7. Heatwave
  8. Skewer
  9. Mangler
  10. Needler
  11. Commando
  12. Sentinel Beam
  13. Cindershot
  14. Stalker Rifle
  15. Pulse Carbine
  16. Hydra
  17. Plasma Pistol
  18. Ravager

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