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Horizon Forbidden West: Death’s Door guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Death’s Door quest.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022 5:25 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Death’s Door guide

Death’s Door is the fourth main quest in Horizon Forbidden West and immediately follows To The Brink quest. Death’s Door has a recommended player level of 10. In this quest, Aloy travels to the coordinates she received from the Spire and explores mysterious new lands. 

How to Complete Death’s Door Quest in Horizon Forbidden West? 

Follow these steps to complete Death’s Door in Horizon Forbidden West

  1. In order to find Sylens, Aloy has to travel to the coordinates she recovered from the Spire. Here, you’ll find a workshop where a hologram of Sylens tells Aloy about an orb. The orb trail will take you to LATOPOLIS. You’ll encounter machines on the way, and you can choose to either fight or avoid them. Watch out for Glinthawks. 
  2. You’ll arrive at a tunnel entrance, and Sylens asks you to craft an ignitor from Leaplasher parts outside. To find the Deepwater Kindle Weed, look near the water’s edge. Heading back inside to the dungeon, you’ll be in a flooded area where you have to drop ladders and use the Power Cell to unlock doors and holograms. In the Navigation room, use Pullcaster and Focus to find ledges and avoid falling inside the water. If you fall, use the ladders to get back up and try again. Going deeper involves jumping across poles and climbing up ledge holds.
  3. Beyond the Inner Gene Hatch, you’ll find Firegleam with loot. You can choose to take it, but it’s tough to access and takes up a lot of time. You’ll need to use code 7482 here in the safe. This will lead to an elevator shaft you have to climb up. Recover the GAIA backup and you’ll immediately have to face off against Erik. Shoot glowing red brackets to get an escape route, and stick underwater to escape LATOPOLIS. Try avoiding Specters as much as possible. 
  4. Head inside the Power Room and use the Ignitor you crafted to destroy the Firegleam. This completes the quest.

Successfully finishing the Death’s Door gives the player 5,000 XP and two skill points. The next quest in Horizon Forbidden West is The Dying Lands.

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