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How to Evade and Dodge in Diablo 4

Updated: Jul 11, 2023 2:38 pm
How to Evade and Dodge in Diablo 4

Combat is something that is unavoidable in Diablo 4. While it would be nice to gain xp, get extra weapons, and learn spells without fighting enemies, that is impossible. Because of this, it is important to learn the basics of combat so you don’t falter when you are face-to-face with demons and the undead.

If you want a way to avoid direct damage and physical damage, you will want to dodge. Most incoming attacks can be avoided by dodging a short distance and using the evade ability. This guide will show you how to evade in Diablo 4.

How to evade and dodge in Diablo 4?

To evade incoming attacks, you will want to press the spacebar on a keyboard on PC, the circle button on PlayStation, or the B button on Xbox. Evasion is a great way to avoid incoming damage. The buttons above are the default selections for the console versions.

Activating the evasion ability will quickly reposition your character by increasing your movement speed. You will have access to the evasion ability shortly after leaving Sanctuary. Evasion requires charges to use and has a five-second cooldown period, meaning you can’t spam the ability.

The evasion isn’t the only way you can avoid damage. Certain active skills will allow you to avoid taking damage like the rogue’s caltrops ability or the barbarian’s leap ability. These abilities are the same as a dodge-roll and will either allow you to avoid or take less damage.

Dodging is also good for evading death traps, sword attacks, and arrows. Be sure to watch your surroundings and use your evasions carefully.

How to increase your evasion charges in Diablo 4

If you want to get more evasion charges, you can do so by finding specific armors with an evasion bonus. Specifically, certain sets of boots that you can find throughout the game will give you a bonus that states “+X max evade charge.”

You can get special armor and weapons by defeating enemies, world bosses, and completing quests. Be sure to keep track of all the gear you pick up and equip the best items for your play style. Evasion is great when combined with auto attack to keep your character fixated on the enemy you are dealing with.

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