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How to get mounts in Diablo 4

No more running around on foot

Updated: Jun 2, 2023 1:06 pm
How to get mounts in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation is the newest entry of the popular Blizzard franchise, and series veterans are hyped. Fans will be treated with new items, new classes to choose from, and in-depth customization. That will also include your choice of mount, a customizable horse that your character can ride around Sanctuary in. How do you get a mount in Diablo 4? That’s what we’re here to tell you.

How to obtain a mount in Diablo 4

A horse for your character to mount will be pretty simple to obtain once you complete the required steps. You will first have to complete the Donan’s Favor quest. After obtaining this quest, head back to Kyovashad and speed to Oskar. Oskar will tell you exactly how mounts work. After that, you will unlock your first horse.

Once that’s been completed, you’ll then:

  • find a stable, you can do this by going under services on the map menu and finding the horse icon
  • Talk to the Stable Master
  • Purchase a mount

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a mount for your Diablo 4 character to ride off into Fractured Peaks on. There are different types of mounts for you to choose from. You will have plenty of customization options for your mount as well through its gear, cosmetics, and other trinkets which will affect its mount speed, health, and more.

How to use a mount in Diablo 4

Mounts are used for exploring the open world and can easily help you reach a few bosses without needing to go on a long walk. To summon your mount, you can press the Z key on PC or hit right on the D-Pad if you are using a controller.

To unsummon your mount, you can right-click on PC, press the O button on PlayStation, or press the B button on Xbox. Upon dismount, your mount will go back into your inventory. There is a short cooldown before you can summon your mount again.

What to use a mount for in Diablo 4

Now that you have picked out your noble steed, your character will be able to ride them in-game. Mounts make it much easier to traverse the world of Sanctuary and get you anywhere quicker, which is especially useful if you’re headed to an area far away from any portals. Instead of having to go on foot, characters can hop on their horses and save time to spend more of it fighting off the endless monsters around Sanctuary. Good luck!


How do you get a mount in Diablo 4?

To get a mount in Diablo 4, you need to first complete a few tasks to be able to get one.

  • Complete Donan’s Favor quest
  • Find a stable, under services on the map menu and find the horse icon
  • Talk to Stable Master
  • Buy a mount

    How to obtain the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy in Diablo 4

    To get the exclusive mount from the Server Slam, you need the hit level 20 and defeat the world boss Ashava.  To find Ashava the Pestilent you need to head to the easternmost part of Fractured Peaks in particular The Crucible. When the boss spawns, you will get a marker for its location on your map.

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