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Icarus fast leveling: Five Methods to try in your Icarus sessions

Here are five Icarus fast leveling methods worth trying.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 11:23 am
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Icarus is Rocketwerkz’s new survival RPG game, taking the genre by there horns and spinning it on its head. The game is a roguelike in its nature, with your character progression more valuable than what you do down on the planet of Icarus. As you play through the game, you’ll want to complete contracts and missions, buying fantastic space age items to make your life easier on the surface. However, you can only earn money by getting experience and leveling up on the surface. So, working our Icarus fast levelling methods is a key to victory.

When you get started in Icarus, you will need to focus on leveling up while completing the contracts you accepted on your space station. When you first start, you’ll java no levels, and you’ll need to level up to earn perks and blueprints. Blueprints are a system that allows you to build specific items on the planet’s surface, which character builds allow you to talent into certain playstyles.

You’ll need a great mixture of perks and blueprints if you want to take on the more challenging content, with no further adieu; we go through some effective methods for fast leveling on Icarus.

Icarus: Five Fast Levelling methods

Below we have given you five verified Icarus fast levelling tips that will help you speed up through the early game. Although, we highly recommend following the missions and playing the game as normal. The game offers more XP the more your progress through the missions. Outlevelling your biome means you’ll accumulate XP much more slowly. So, we advise using these Icarus fast leveling methods when you need XP fast for key blueprints or talent points and perks.

Icarus fast leveling tips
Image via Rocketwerkz.

1. Loot everything

Okay, this is only applicable to new players who are first getting started on Icarus. We highly recommend spamming the F key on absolutely everything in the local vicinity. It is not the most fun leveling method, and will cause your inventory to want to implode. Everything you loot from the floor gives you on average of 15 XP per pickup, (25 for small trees, 10 for brushes etc.) such as stones, bushes, edible plants, and sticks. It is ideal to get the first few levels. We at WePC tried it to level 5. When we got into the speed of things, we managed to get to level 5 within an hour of playtime very efficiently, without the need to fight creatures that want to sink their teeth into us. We could have done it quicker, but it is what it is.

2. Craft Arrows

If you’re opting for the press F on everything on the floor method, then you may as well spend at least two of your blueprint points on the bow and the stone arrow ammo. The reason why is because you’re going to need to hunt for some of our other Icarus fast leveling methods we’ll detail later on. The other thing is you’re going to have a very filled inventory very quickly of stone, sticks and fibre. Rather than it wasting your inventory, you can use it to craft stone arrows. Every craft you make is worth 8 XP, which is a sizeable amount early on. Don’t go too hard on it, just use up all the stone you pick up on it, and save the sticks and fibre for later.

3. Thatch buildings

If you’re going to opt for method one, you can easily convert this fibre and stick it into thatch buildings. When you have a spare blueprint point, take one of the thatch building blueprints and construct the max amount of thatch buildings as you can. Each building will offer a sizeable chunk of XP (38), which you can destroy to get more mats back and keep going until you run out of materials. We strongly advise only spending one blueprint point to craft the first thatch building, as thatch buildings are entirely worthless. You should spend your blueprints on the wooden structure for when you play the game rather than trying to min-max your Icarus fast levelling methods. This is very ideal for the Icarus early game fast leveling methods, but it falls off as you get to level 6 or 7. You can use the same principle for leveling up other building pieces though, it’s just not that efficient and rather grindy.

4. Hunting

Icarus Hunting
Image via RocketWerkz

Hunting is an integral part of the Icarus fast leveling, and will be one of the best sources of experience when you get round to playing the game’s content. You will need to hunt for food to craft many things in the game. It gives you great food buffs, along with the materials you need to create a sleeping bag, as you need both leather and fur from skinning.

When you’re in the early zones, such as the forests, hunting will offer plenty of experience. Wolves are a great choice, as you tend to find them in packs when your levels get higher and higher. Every wolf you kill grants onwards of 1k+ XP in the forest biome, along 750 XP when you skin them. Meanwhile in the higher level zones, you can kill polar bears for 6000 XP.

Note, in some of the biomes. You will find that wolves and bears both spawn frequently, and some may even try to siege your base. You can use your base as an outpost built specifically for defending against wildlife. Build your safe sniper platforms where you can easily fire arrows at your prey and secure those kills.

The second mission is really good for killing XP, as the radar missions naturally attract wildlife to attack your radar. In that mission, you get to fight two bears, five wolves, and two jaguars. Not to mention all the hunting you’ll naturally do to secure yourself food, bone arrows and other content you need to complete the mission without dying.

Finally, on this subject, the desert biome is filled with prey animals. If you like hunting, you can use the desert biomes to your advantage. Not to mention there’s a notable lack of foliage, and the beats of the area don’t camouflage into the terrain like the polar bear does in the snow biomes, for example. Take into account that hunting in packs on Icarus offers fast levelling bursts of XP.

5. Crafting Tables

Crafting Table is something you unlock when you get to level 10. Reaching level ten open up the next tier of blueprints,m and one of them is a crafting table. There’s plenty of crafting benches through the second tier of blueprints. If you like one aspect of the game, such as farming plots, crafting, smelting, or other content types, then this might work for you. Especially if you specialise in one of the talents builds, like woodcutting, mining, or farming.

Building these crafting tables and then working on them to craft extra materials will generate you bonus experience from simply doing things you were doing anyway. Not to mention you get new goods that will help you progress through your missions anyway. It helps to double, offering extra avenues for fast levelling on Icarus.

6. Play the game

Honestly, try your best to play the game and learn at your pace. The hardest part of the game is getting to level 5. After that, the game gets much smoother to play. You’ll naturally level up quickly by following the mission objectives and the style of play you like. For the most part, we didn’t even realize we were making our way through tier 2 tech at ease. Sometimes, we even had multiple character talent points to spend because of how thick and fast the levels were coming just by playing the game at our pace.

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