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Is Shadows of Doubt co-op?

Updated: May 3, 2023 4:16 pm
Is Shadows of Doubt co-op?

In Shadows of Doubt, you’ll hit the streets in pursuit of cases and suspects to put behind bars. As a private investigator, it’s up to you to uncover clues that will lead to your next big break. Whether it’s talking to witnesses, trespassing on a crime scene, or researching your next target, you work alone. Or do you? Exploring Shadows of Doubt’s procedurally generated cities with others would certainly make solving cases easier.

If you want to know if you can team up in a co-op mode, we’ve got the answer for you.

Is Shadows of Doubt co-op?

Unfortunately, it seems, you are unable to play Shadows of Doubt with other players. The official Steam page listing of the game describes it as a single-player experience only.

While this may be the case for now, developer ColePowered Games could always add in a co-op feature later on.

Does Shadows of Doubt Have a Multiplayer Mode?

While fans of the game may be calling for a multiplayer aspect through forums, it doesn’t appear it will happen. Players have been asking for it to be added to the game at some point. So much so that they’ve come up with their own unique ways it can be featured.

While Shadows of Doubt has you explore the city alone solving cases, players thought up ways to include multiplayer if it were to happen. One such addition could be for players to leave notes and clues for others to follow. This would help guide players on where to go to track down answers or handcuff possible suspects. While another presented the thought of one player being the murderer who leaves behind clues for other players to pick up on. With the ultimate end goal of finding the player who committed the crime. Again, these ideas are just ones presented by players.

That being said, as the game is in Early Access, it remains to be seen what will be in the full release.

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