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What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022 2:53 pm
What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

Axolotls are one of the more recent mobs added to Minecraft, joining the sandbox game in 2021 Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update. Here we will examine what Axolotls consume in Minecraft.

The first part of Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update included several endearing and hilarious animals, fantastic items, and new blocks, one of which is the cute, fan-favorite Axolotl. As we know, knowing what mobs eat in Minecraft is essential to taming and breeding them, so we take a look at the Axolotl’s favorite meal.

What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

Axolotls may be found underwater, and may even aid the player during their underwater exploration. If a player is embroiled in a conflict with other hostile mobs underwater, these animals will come to the player’s assistance. Aside from them being incredibly adorable, that is a pretty good reason why a player may want to locate and breed Axolotls in Minecraft. 

So, how to get them to like you? Well, Axolotls in Minecraft eat tropical fish, which has been asked about by several gamers.

Because these vibrant fish may only be found in warm ocean biomes, players must stay away from bodies of water until the fish hatch.

The player may gather them by filling a bucket with water and dumping it on them. Once the fish have been captured, they may be utilized to supplement the diet of the Axolotls.

Can You Breed Axolotl In Minecraft?

Yes, like many of the other of the game’s species, Axolotls are capable of entering “Love Mode” to produce baby Axolotls! To encourage a pair of Axolotls into Love Mode, feed them tropical fish. You should see red love hearts above their heads, at which point a baby Axolotl will spawn.

Also, bear in mind that it takes around 20 minutes for a baby Axolotl to grow into an adult and is itself then capable of reproducing.

Can You Tame Axolotls In Minecraft?

Not as such, but you can get Axolotls to follow you. When you are near one or more Tropical Fish, catch one in a bucket and hold it in your main hand, and nearby Axolotls will accompany you to any conflict, even if it is on land. For the simple reason that they like their fish supper. Thus, taming them to fight with you is not the same as luring them with food to do your bidding – the next best thing to taming!

Where To Find Axolotls In Minecraft?

In terms of where to look for them, you’ll be looking for subterranean water, which means that if you come across the water with blocks above it that is below y-level 63, you’re likely to come across some Axolotls, especially in lush caves!

Axolotls are very clever creatures! They are aquatic predators that will attack anything that comes into touch with them. They may also land on it, but will quickly perish. Additionally, bear in mind that they are capable of feigning death. While you may believe you’ve defeated one, there’s a good possibility it’s feigning death and replenishing its health in preparation to strike you again – see, clever!

They are available in a variety of colors, but if you come across one that is blue, you should be aware that they are very uncommon, with a 1 in 1200 chance of discovering one.

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