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How to get rid of Silverfish in Minecraft

Here’s how to deal with this frequently spawning hostile mob in Minecraft.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 12:26 pm
How to get rid of Silverfish in Minecraft

Silverfish are a hostile mob in Minecraft capable of inflicting considerable damage to a player. They’re most commonly found in infected blocks, and can quickly multiply into a large swarm that’s even tougher to wipe out. While Silverfish are one of the smallest mobs in Minecraft, they can spawn frequently and pose a great threat to players. Here’s how to deal with them. 

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Minecraft

Silverfish only generate from infested blocks and are most commonly seen in either the Extreme Mountains or Extreme Hills Edge biomes. These fish are silver-colored and often camouflage into blocks and are difficult to spot.

Silverfish first infect blocks found in strongholds or igloos with basements. They’re only released once the block is broken. It’s difficult to attack Silverfish directly since they multiply in a swarm in a confrontation. If a Silverfish is killed in exactly one blow, they do not trigger more Silverfish attacks, but this is difficult to achieve. 

That’s why the only strategy is to destroy the block with TNT or a destructive creeper. There’s no way to tell if a block is infested or not, except that it will break in half the normal time. 

The best way to get rid of a silverfish is to use a Silk Touch enchanted tool when breaking blocks. A Silk Touch pickaxe will break the iron block as normal and drop the expected material without the Silverfish spawning. However, it will not destroy the surrounding infected blocks, only the one that is being broken. 

If players don’t have a Silk Touch enchanted block, the next best option is to avoid building in Extreme Mountains and Extreme Hills Edge biomes, as well as avoid collecting iron from strongholds. 
Destroying a Silverfish gives the player five experience points. Silverfish do not pose any other benefits for players, though they can technically be farmed to gain experience points. However, this would not be the easiest or most efficient way to gain experience points in Minecraft.

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