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How to get Seagrass in Minecraft

How do you grow and use Seagrass in Minecraft?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022 2:53 pm
Seagrass Turtle Minecraft

Seagrass is a non-solid plant block that you can harvest to use as compost or to raise turtles. You can also grow seagrass yourself if you have suitable materials. As you’ll read, there are a few unique uses for Seagrass in Minecraft, as well, not limited to decorative purposes!

How to get Minecraft Seagrass



Craft Shears

You can only harvest seagrass using shears, and simply breaking seagrass won’t bring it into your inventory.

To craft shears, you need two iron ingots that you place on a crafting table, and then you can use these to harvest seagrass from blocks. You can get two seagrasses if you harvest from tall seagrass instead of just one.

If you try to harvest seagrass without shears, the seagrass will simply disappear.

Craft Shears



Loot From Turtles

You can also get seagrass as loot from turtles. If you kill a turtle, you can get up to two Seagrass from them. Though, why you’d want to kill one of these adorable creatures, we don’t know.

Minecraft Turtles

Where To Find Seagrass

You can find seagrass in ocean biomes, usually near kelp. It also appears in swamps, underwater caves, and rivers. It very rarely appears on gravel surfaces, but it does happen occasionally.

Seagrass is resistant to lava, so if lava floats on top of the water, the seagrass will be fine. However, if you go to a frozen ocean, you won’t be able to find any seagrass.

Growing Seagrass in Minecraft

Seagrass is essential to any rustic, natural water-based build. Perhaps you’re building a nice pond for your base’s garden, or filling the bottom of a ravine base with a natural, water environment. You definitely want Seagrass.


Grow it

The easiest method for getting plenty of Seagrass where you want it is simply to grow it using Bone Meal. In Java Edition, all you need to do is use Bone Meal on a non-transparent block that is underwater. In Bedrock Edition, however, it must be Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Gravel, Clay, Sand or Red Sand. Still simply use Bone Meal on any of those blocks to grow Seagrass.

How to grow Seagrass Minecraft


Plant it

If you have gathered Seagrass with Shears, you can simply place it back down on your underwater blocks, wherever you want it. This would be the preferred method if you want to meticulously place your Seagrass in specific areas, while the latter will give a more natural, untidy look.

Place Seagrass in Minecraft

Uses for Seagrass in Minecraft


Use Seagrass to lure and breed Turtles

If you go to a beach where you see turtles, take out seagrass and hold it out to them. You need to hold it out within ten blocks of them, and they will follow you. Feed it to two turtles, and they will enter Love Mode, after which one of them will lay Turtle Eggs.

Luring Turtles with Seagrass Minecraft


Making Bone Meal

If you have a composter, you can place your seagrass into it to give it a 30% chance of raising your compost level by one. If you don’t have a composter, you can craft them by using eight wooden slabs, or you can find them in any village.

Seagrass Composter Minecraft


Decorative purposes

As mentioned, Seagrass is a wonderful addition to any rustic water-based build. Maybe an old, unused swimming pool, a cottage-core pond or a turtle bay. All of these could greatly benefit from the addition of some Seagrass, both normal and tall, spread around the area. Add Kelp and Lily Pads to really bring your water area to life, and a mixture of Dirt, Gravel, Andesite and Cobblestone.

Minecraft Water base area seagrass


Growing taller Seagrass

Related to that above, when adding Seagrass to your build area, if you apply bone meal to your seagrass, it will transform into tall seagrass if you have enough space. If you don’t have enough space above it, you’ll have wasted your bone meal, as your seagrass will stay.

Tall Seagrass Minecraft


Farming Scutes

Scutes are an item dropped by baby Turtles when they mature into adult Turtles. They are used to craft Turtle Shell helmets. If you want to speed up the aging process of your baby Turtles, you can feed them Seagrass!

Turtle scute Minecraft

So, as you can see, Seagrass is a valuable material to grow, especially if you want to have more turtles to either grow or harvest for scutes.

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