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MW2 All Promos – All Promos Explained

So... many.... promos

Updated: Apr 19, 2023 11:19 am
MW2 All Promos – All Promos Explained

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As with many popular modern releases, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a big marketing budget. There’s a massive advertising campaign, lengthy discussions around the game, and a host of MW2 promos. So many that if you wanted the complete list of MW2 All Promos, you’d have to look far and wide.

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Well, not that wide. We’ve got them all here, just waiting for you.

MW2 – Active Promos

mw2 all promos

Burger King

Burger King is offering Double XP and the Burger King Operator as rewards. However, please note that this promotion is not available in the UK or US.

The coveted Burger Town fry cook operator skin is the main prize, and you will also receive an hour’s worth of Double XP. The promotion is accessible in 40 countries, but the codes are not region-locked, so if you have a friend in one of those countries, they can purchase it for you. The promotion’s duration is not officially announced on the website, but it seems to be currently active.

Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s, the protein snack brand, is providing a set of Sasquatch-themed cosmetic items that include an Emblem, Weapon Charm, Operator Skin, Calling Card, and Double XP tokens. To obtain these rewards, you must purchase bags of Jack Link’s pork stripes and beef jerky that have been specially marked, such as the Walmart exclusive Spicy Dill Pickle Pork Strips. Unfortunately, this promotion is not available in the UK.

However, please be aware that there have been reports of stolen promo codes for MW2. So, when purchasing Jack Link’s products, make sure to double-check the packet’s stickers to ensure that you get double XP tokens.

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This promotion will remain active until October 31, 2023, providing you with ample time to benefit from this tasty offer. Read more about it here.

MW2 All Promos

mw2 all promos

So there are a fair few promotions for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, all of which unlock different things. There are the following:

As previously mentioned, they all come with different rewards, and all seemingly are not available in the UK at all, so if you’re one of our UK readers, then you’re out of luck, sadly.

Promo Rewards

You can get your hands on the various rewards by checking out our pages on each of these promos linked above. We’ve also listed what they’re offering in the list below, so you can decide which ones are worth your time and which aren’t.

Burger King

You’re being offered Double XP and a Burger King Operator Skin at BK.

Papa John’s (Expired)

Papa John’s was offering a package deal for £18.99, including an MW2 promo that provided an Emblem, Calling Card, and Weapon Charm as rewards, but only for online purchases. Unfortunately, this promotion was not available in the UK.

It’s important to note that this promotion ran until November 20, 2022, and is no longer active. Keep an eye out for similar deals in the future that may provide similar rewards.

Mountain Dew (Expired)

Mountain Dew teamed up with Activision to offer fans in the US the opportunity to earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and CoD Points, as well as an exclusive Character Skin and Calling Card in Modern Warfare 2. By purchasing a 12 or 24 pack, fans could receive a substantial amount of CoD Points.

It is important to note that this promotion officially ended on March 28 and is no longer running at this time. Keep an eye out for similar deals in the future that may provide similar rewards. Read more about this promotion here.

Jack Link’s

The reward for the Jack Links codes is an emblem, weapon charm, operator skin, calling card, AND double XP.

Little Caesars (Expired)

Little Caesar’s was offering MW2 promo codes for those who purchased either a Call of Duty Combo or a Mountain Dew online in the US and Canada. By entering the code number from your receipt or online order on the website, you could receive Double XP and the opportunity to win additional gaming prizes.

It is important to note that this promotion ended on December 31, 2022, and is no longer active. However, keep an eye out for similar promotions in the future.

Hungry Jacks (Expired)

Australian fans of MW2 could obtain the highly coveted Burger Town Operator Skin and Double XP by purchasing a MW2 Baconator Meal during a promotion period. This offer was exclusive to Australia and was similar to the Burger King promotion mentioned earlier.


It is important to note that this MW2 promo ran until November 28, 2022, and is no longer active. Keep an eye out for similar deals in the future that may provide similar rewards.

MW2 Promos FAQs

How do you get ghillie suit in mw2?

The Ghillie Suit operator skin in MW2 can only be aquired by buying four Jack Link’s products and entering the promotional codes.

What is Ghost Legacy Pack?

The Ghost Legacy Pack, gives you access to 12 new skins and 10 new weapons to use in MW2.

Can I still redeem Jack Link’s MW2?

In order to redeem any codes, it is required to link your gamer account/gamer tag to your account. Codes can be entered on the website until October 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. CST. It is important to note that any codes that remain unused after this time will no longer be valid. Additionally, the in-game redemption deadline for these codes is October 25, 2026.

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