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New Star Wars Outlaws Announced At Xbox Game Showcase

Updated: Jun 11, 2023 7:46 pm
New Star Wars Outlaws Announced At Xbox Game Showcase

Today at the Xbox Game Showcase a game that Star Wars fans are going to love was announced. While the announcement mainly teased the new game, fans got some good gameplay footage letting them know what to expect from this new game. The game announcemented is titled Star Wars: Outlaws, which is a new open-world game set in the world of Star Wars. This game is developed by Ubisoft.

While we just recently got the latest Star Wars: Jedi Survivor game, fans can now get hyped for Star Wars Outlaws. This will be the next big game in the franchise, and for some it will be even more exciting as they welcome a famel protagonist for the gameplay, not to mention the adorable fuzzy axolotl that we see by her side the whole teaser.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the open-world in the video, but we got to see some spaceships and overall the galaxy of the world. While we didn’t see many other characters that may be appearing in the game, players still got to see a decent first look into the game and what to expect from this game. Check out the official Star Wars Outlaws: World Premiere Trailer below.

This game is set to release next year, 2024, but the official release month and day is not available yet. it is hard to say exactly when it will release next year but hopefully fans can expect it before the fall.

There are many things to be excited for in this new Star Wars title, between new robots, new features, new characters, and much much more. If it goes anything like how Star Wars: Jedi Survivors went, the game will be great for any Star Wars fan. Everyone can expect to see the game in 2024.

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