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New World dev blog reveals insight into future quests, balance, mergers and more

Th second New World dev blog is a massive commitment to the game's future

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:09 pm
New World dev blog reveals insight into future quests, balance, mergers and more

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Amazon Games has revealed that the second iteration of the New World dev blog. This New World dev blog details some of the major problems and community talking points regarding the game’s future. Therefore, we will go through some of the highlights, picking out the best bits. If you would rather read the article in full, you can head over to the New World forums at the dev blog and hear it from Amazon directly.

New World dev blog 2: Key talking points

New World Server Merges

Amazon Games mentioned in passing that it is weighing up the pros and cons of the server merges for New World’s quieting player base. As many are already aware, AG added in over 200 more servers worldwide to cater to the demand of the game. However, over 700k players have left the game when you compare its highest peak to its current more stable peak size. As a result of the declined player base, there are now plenty of dwindling servers, which could do with a merge.

Amazon Games shared some insight into the server merger feature. The process of the server merger mechanics includes a server joining another server. For example, if the Alpha server and Beta server merged, it would select a home candidate and a migrate candidate. Let us say Beta is moving into Alpha. The persistent world for that would be Alpha, so Beta players will join the Alpha world. Guilds who lose territory from the Beta world moving over will get 50k coins as compensation, so they can fund their wars to get back on the map.

Moreso, Amazon Games revealed their process for merging two servers together. Every server in New World has a world set. Amazon Games will look into each world set and select the servers that will complement each other if they were to merge. They won’t merge two servers together if they think it will cause major issues for the player base, such as major faction imbalance. Also, if a server merge is going ahead, both servers get a timer indicating when the server merger goes live.

As it stands, there is no eta on the New World server merger, at last not in this New World dev blog anyway. They still need to test the feature more, as they have limited internal and closed beta testing data. No doubt we will hear something on it soon.

New World quest design

Okay, everyone is aware the New World quest design is a bit on the disappointing side. Run here, collect this, kill that, blah blah blah. There really isn’t much variety in your faction, side, or main story quests. However, Amazon Games is committing to upgrading the quest design system. They recently unveiled the PTR, which has players testing out the new main story quests and the new Varangian quests, and it appears more is still to come.

Over the next few patches, the New World quests will get better, with better enemy variety andNew World players will get better tasks in the main story, side quests, and faction missions. Meanwhile, the annoying Well Guardian quest will cease to be annoying, along with better presentation methods to enhance the game’s storytelling.

Moreso, we will get our hands on weapon training quests, trade skill quests, and new expeditions to add greater importance to the PvE of New World. There is no eta on over this, so this is essentially the New World roadmap of PvE content over the next few months.

New World Balance Changes

New World, more like Axe World… The Great Axe and the Hatchet are by far the most popular weapons in the game for various reasons. So, Amazon Games are trying to spice it up. The Hatchet is getting nerfs on the PTR. meanwhile, the Sword’s Swordmaster spec is getting love. The balance changes extend to ranged weapons too. The Fire Staff is losing some of its crit, but gets stronger spells to spread the damage output around the weapon. On the other hand, the Bow is getting some great ability buffs and damage increases to get people using it more.

In addition, Amazon Games is addressing the bugs with the game’s armor and perks not working as intended; looking at your Light Armor 20% damage buff. Al in all, much-needed changes that make the game much better and more balanced.

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