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How to get Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

Updated: Jul 10, 2023 7:38 pm
How to get Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

Nectar is an essential item that will keep your Pikmin well-fed and provide you with various colored flower petals in Pikmin Bloom. When playing Pikmin, you can experience limited-time events and even Decor Pikmin. 

However, before you can begin these expeditions, you will need Nectar to help your little Pikmin grow. Once they have matured, you can obtain a flower Petal which can be used to plant flowers can give your Pikmin a comfy home. So, follow this guide to learn how to get Nectar in Pikmin Bloom. 

Pikmin Bloom – How to collect Nectar

Nectar is the most essential item within the Pikmin Bloom mobile game. As a result, there are a few ways to get Nectar in Pikmin Bloom. You can earn Nectar by collecting fruits, completing weekly challenges, leveling up, and in-game Shop.

There are two ways you can collect fruit for Nectar in Pikmin Bloom. The first is done by walking. As you increase your step count, your Pikmin will wander off and return with fruit. You can then tap on these fruits to add them to your collection of Nectar. You can also get Nectar by making your Pikmin go on fruit expeditions. You can participate in these expeditions once you reach Level 15.

As for the weekly challenges, you will also encounter Mushroom raid battles during the Pikmin Bloom expedition. Once you defeat these Mushrooms, your rewards will be the fruits you can turn to Nectar. 

Finally, you can also obtain Nectar by purchasing it from the in-game Shop. You can buy them with the coins you have collected from expeditions or using real money. You can buy Nectar for the following amount with coins:

  • Nectar: 100 Coins
  • Yellow Nectar: 140 Coins
  • Red Nectar: 140 Coins
  • Blue Nectar: 180 Coins

Once you have Nectar, you can increase your Pikmin’s friendship level and obtain Special Nectar. 

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