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Pikmin Bloom – Can Pikmin die?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023 12:56 pm
Pikmin Bloom – Can Pikmin die?

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Pikmin Bloom is a cute mobile game that challenges you to walk in order to collect the creatures called Pikmin. As you walk your neighborhood and visit different locations, you will get the occasional leaf, nectar blob, or pile of coins.

Just like with games like Pokémon Go, you will encounter various items and creatures during your expeditions. Make sure to collect all the various Pikmin colors too like Purple Pikmin, Red Pikmin, and Blue Pikmin. Each type of Pikmin matters.

Throughout the Pikmin series, there have been game modes like Bingo Battle and different mission modes that challenge players. One thing has been pretty consistent, however. That is, Pikmin are creatures that can die. Each Pikmin game has this mechanic but does that mean Pikmin Bloom does as well? Can Pikmin die in Pikmin bloom?

Can Pikmin die in Pikmin Bloom?

Thankfully, Pikmin cannot die in Pikmin Bloom. As you explore the planet, collecting Pikmin and earning rewards like Nectar, you can rest assured that your Pikmin will not die on you. The only way you can lose Pikmin is if you send a postcard to a friend and they fail to open it. Your Pikmin will then be stuck in a sort of limbo while it waits to return.

It’s easy to think Pikmin can die in the game since they have been able to die since the first Pikmin game. This has always been a mechanic in the Pikmin games that adds pressure. Since your first day, you need to keep track of your Pikmin so they don’t go extinct.

Luckily, Niantic didn’t follow the same path as Nintendo with the other Pikmin titles. This is a game based on doing physical activity to get rewards. It wouldn’t make sense for your Pikmin to perish. You also don’t need to worry about the time limit mechanic that past Pikmin games have had as well.

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