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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Steelrising?

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Updated: Sep 8, 2022 9:53 am
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Is there fast travel in Steelrising? Yes, but how do you unlock fast travel in Steelrising?

In this article, you’ll find everything there is to know about Fast Travel in Steelrising.

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How to Unlock Fast Travel?

Steelrising Fast Travel Guide
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To unlock fast travel in Steelrising and go back and forth between regions you already explored, you’ll need to complete the Les Invalides level.

It’s the second map in the game and follows the tutorial level. After beating the level, and completing the Factories area of the map you need to speak to La Fayette.

All of this will result in you unlocking the Horseless Carriage which allows you to fast travel in Steelrising. You’llget a Carriage Key and you need to use it on the Carriage located near the Factories vestal. Fire up the compass and follow the marker to find its precise location.

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It’s well worth going back to the areas you’ve explored previously. As you progress through Steelrising, you’ll unlock new abilities and tools, like the Alchemist’s Ram which allows you to unlock doors locked by a green seal.

How to Fast Travel in Steelrising?

To use the fast travel, you need to simply interact with any Horseless Carriage. They are located in a fixed location on each level.

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You can only fast travel from these locations in Steelrising. There is also a way for you to teleport to the Horseless Carriage, by using Carriage Tokens. These can be bought in the Boutique

The Boutique is Steelrising’s version of a shop, where you can purchase or sell items. It can be accessed by entering Vestals or directly through the Horseless Carriage.


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