League of Legends ADC Tier List for 11.18

We list the best ADCs in League of Legends through a tier List

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League of Legends is in its eleventh season of the game. With the introduction of the Mythic items and some new builds, the role is in one of the best states it has ever been in. With that said, there are always at least some Champions in the better spot than others. Here is our League of Legends ADC Tier List for the latest patch.

LoL ADC Tier List Ranking Methodology

S Tier – The Champions seeing plenty of play worldwide, with great win rates and high pick and ban priority. It is also a clearer cut view of these champions being S Tier if professional teams worldwide are actively playing them.

A Tier – Champions that are not as contested in the game’s higher elos, but are still decent overall. It also contains good ADC Champions to climb solo queue with.

B Tier – Champions that are okay at the moment. Have specific niches they fill or are okay with players that main them or are less experienced.

C Tier – Champions that are considered weak at the moment. There is still room to play them, but it is not recommended.

D Tier – Completely not worth it at the moment. Need Buffs are very specific comp setups that don’t work at the moment.

League of Legends ADC Tier List 11.18

Tier Champions
S Tier Aphelios, Varus, Ashe, Tristana, Ezreal.
A Tier Akshan, Kai’sa, Kalista, Xayah, Ziggs.
B Tier Jhin, Lucian, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Samira, Senna, Vayne.
C Tier Caitlyn, Draven, Twitch.
D Tier Kog’Maw, Sivir.

Disclaimer: The most recent patch has changed a few ADCs for the better, such as Draven, However, it hasn’t shifted his position on the ADC tier list. Moreso, the top dogs of the tier list received nerfs but it really did nothing to tip the balance. We will have to wait for 11.19 for that.

The Best ADCs in League of Legends 11.18


Aphelios has recently found himself climbing the ADC tier list ever since it became clear that his great lifesteal on his red weapon makes him incredibly healthy. Moreso, Aphelios team fight works quite well in the current meta as it is an ADC with very strong AOE team fighting capabilities.


The Ashe summer buff is back, as she is once again one of the strongest ADCs during the summer playoffs. The reason why is because her laning phase poke is strong, while her tank shredding makes her a great mid and late game ADC. Meanwhile, landing a well-timed Crystalline Arrow can convert one pick into a won game, free objective or another massive macro win. Not to mention the Ashe engage works well with the engage support meta and the high damage dealing Junglers and Tops that can follow up from an ADC engage tool – think Jayce, Lee Sin, etc. The 11.18 patch notes nerfed her W’s CD early game, lowering her power level slightly, but it is not enough to slow her meta prior potential.


The other off-meta ADC worth mentioning is Akshan. Akshan is the Season 11 ADC champion that launched fairly recently. The purpose of the pick is to go midlane and take advantage of his ADC roam heavy kit. We did recently have a stint of ADC going midlane, such as Lucian. However, it’s a niche style of play at the moment. If it ever comes back, Akshan will likely dominate the metric alongside Lucian.


Ever since Ezreal got his rework several seasons ago, he has always been a relevant ADC. His abilities make him one of the strongest poke Champions in the game. Furthermore, he has some solid team fighting, especially with his ultimate, spammable Qs and his built-in blink from his E. More specifically, his E ability makes him incredibly difficult to lockdown. It is instrumental in the current aggressive engage support meta in the support role, allowing him to flee combat or set up a huge burst with the W+E combo. Also, his W makes his tower pushing very good, which is easily achieved through his incredible laning phase poking strength. The added addition of Ezreal abusing the Divine Sunderer Mythic also makes him one of the best sustaining marksman on the roster.


Kai’Sa has been incredibly strong for the entirety of Season 11. Her Hail of Blades build works with both Galeforce, and Kraken Slayer builds and is still perfectly fine for Immortal Shieldbows. Besides, her mixed damage potential through the magic damage on her abilities and passive means the tanks and bruisers in the meta find it harder to itemize against Kai’Sa. Not to mention her ability to compete in the team fights and dive with a shield ultimate that dashes her to a target marked with her passive. She has been nerfed several times  All in all, a perfect champ that fits Season 11 too well.


Kalista is one of the champions not exactly popular in Solo Queue but is prospering in the competitive regions. Kalista has the potential to carve away at Bruisers and Tanks with her on hit and Rend stacks. Once when she has Kraken Slayer and a few other items, she becomes incredibly. The other aspect is that she can throw her tank into the battlefield you get almost guaranteed knock-ups on her enemies. As already mentioned throughout the League of Legends ADC Tier list, Aupports love engaging. Combine the two, and you have an incredible team fighting and late-game ADC.


Tristana is the queen of team fights, especially ones that swing in her favour. Tristana has an incredibly strong burst through her E, alongside her W resets that keep the pressure up throughout team fights. If you want a hyper-aggressive ADC that can scale. Due to the current meta, many professional teams are starting to adopt her, as it is easy to get Tristana scaling and shooting while blasting around the battlefield with her Rocket Jump. For these reasons, Tristana is one of the best ADCs in the game and deserves a high spot in the League of Legends ADC tier list.


Varus started in Season 11 has a rather weak pick. However, Varus has since climbed the ranking with a few nice buffs earlier in the season. Since then, he has been a strong ADC, consistently remaining a meta pick in the League of Legends ADC tier list. At the minute, he can use the Lethality Varus build to burst opponents along with the Lethal Tempo to shred through tanks. The two very different builds make Varus one of the best ADCs in Season 11. In fact, Varus was 100% picked and banned in the recent LEC Summer Playoffs, showing you just how good he is at the minute. The 11.18 patch nerfed him briefly, but the Lead Game Designer says it has done nothing to stop his wrath on the rift.


Xayah is one of the best critical chance ADCs in League of Legends at the minute. She has decent poke for the laning phase and, when played well, she can root enemies and blow them up with her E. Furthermore, Xayah is one of the safest ADCs in the game, with her ultimate making her temporarily untargetable and sends out a wave of feather she can retract and root with her E. She is not as strong as she was at the start of Season 11, but rest assured, she remains a stable top-performing pick.


While not exactly a popular pick in solo queue, Ziggs is an advanced level draft choice in the current meta. Many players take Ziggs to get another source of AP while to the Top Lane and Jungle meta allowed for carry AD bruisers in the meta. The other reason Ziigs is great is that he is the only champion in the game that can execute Towers with his Satchel Charge. When you need tower destruction and AP damage, Ziggs slides into the botlane fine.