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How to Unlock The Palace in the Pool Genshin Impact

The mystery of the Palace in the Pool will be revealed shortly.

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Genshin Impact’s 2.1 content is here. Players worldwide are enjoying a multitude of content, including fishing, fighting and finding new stuff. While there is plenty of content to explore, one of the things people are enjoying is the new Palace in the Pool. If you hunt for the fabled Palace in the Pool Genshin puzzle, then we have a guide that will help you out.

Palace in the Pool Genshin Impact Guide

Step 1

Suigetsu Pool
You need to start the puzzle in the Suigetsu Pool. Image via miHoYo.

The Palace in the Pool is Genshin Impact’s new puzzle. The Palace in the pool is quite a tricky puzzle. However, we have cracked the code. To start the puzzle, head over to the Suigetsu Pool, located towards the northeast of the Sangonomia Shrine. Once you arrive at your destination, interact with the four big Electro Totems surrounding the Suigetsu pool.

The Statue with the blue orb needs you to pay respects to it. When you interact with it, four new shapes will appear in the air around the pool. You need to electrify all four brazers around the pool by finding the Electro Totem behind a cut-down tree in the area. You should find the totem fast, as it does have a despawn time. If it does despawn, interact with the shrine once again.

The Next Steps

Jump into the pool now that the water has shrunk down to continue your Palace in the Pool quest. Continue swimming through the area, ducking under stone arches as you swim. Eventually, you find something red under the water with a tree root above it. Climb the tree next to the hatch and venture forth into a room filled with oozy blue baddies. You will need to defeat them so you can press the switches on the stone wall.

With all the switches pressed, you can move into the next room. Upon Immediately entering the room, you will notice a tree intertwined with a wall on the right. Climb the tree, and you will reach a new ledge you can navigate through. You will need to jump and shimmy across at the edge of the ledge to reach a new cubic switch at an angle. Activating the switch lowers the water even further. With all the switches pressed, you can move into the next room. You are now one step away from getting even closer to the Genshin Impact Palace in the Pool.

With that done, follow the pathway down another level, make your way to the pool, and swim back to where you originally found the red switch. You should notice a new pathway has opened up, bringing you to the Palace in the Pool.

Congratulations, you have discovered Genshin’s Palace in the Pool puzzle. We hope you enjoyed working your way through the latest puzzle!

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