How to Win a Match on a Simulation Map Splitgate – Challenge Guide

Wondering what is a Simulation Map in Splitgate? You've come to the right place.

How to Win a Match on a Simulation Map Splitgate
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Splitgate is one of the most popular shooters at the minute, and it is only going to grow with its recent $100m investment. Players are coming on to Splitgate, getting in their daily and weekly challenges, especially if they are into the battle pass. Amongst the heap of challenges, there is Splitgate challenge called ‘win a match on a simulation map’ challenge.

Taking part in these challenges are a good way of diversifying your playstyle and map interests. Not to mention it gives you something new to try and accomplish. So, if you’re stuck on how to win a match on a Simulation map in Splitgate, we will teach you how below. Alternatively, if you don’t even know what is a simulation map in Splitgate, we will go over that with you too!

How to Win a Match on a Simulation Map Splitgate

To win a match on a simulation map, you’ll need to queue into the Showdown and Takedown game modes. These game modes take players to Splitgate Simulation series maps: from Alpha to Foxtrot.

Takedown is a life-based team deathmatch, where you’ll need to kill all players on the enemy team to win the round. On the other hand, Showdown is a game mode that offers the same as Takedown, albeit with randomized weapon combinations every round. There seems to be a few repeating combinations, like Sniper/BFB, Sniper/Magnum, Shotty/Snipper, AR/BR and so on.

Now that you have chosen those game modes, or a specific game mode if only one suits your interests, the only job left to do is win. After that, you’ll have completed your win a match on a Simulation map challenge. Congratulations!

What is a Simulation Map in Splitgate?

For those who have never encountered a simulation map, you might wonder what a Simulation Map is in Splitgate? Simulation Maps are game-mode specific maps that create very small teams trapped in very enclosed spaces with a mixture of portal walls, stairways, and more.

Moreso, you will only find the Simulation maps in the Takedown and Showdown game modes. Think of the Splitgate simulation maps as a quickfire arena mode.

Simulation Maps Splitgates

  • Simulation Alpha.
  • Simulation Beta.
  • Simulation Charlie.
  • Simulation Delta.
  • Simulation Echo.
  • Simulation Foxtrot.


These maps are fairly similar to each other, with the white arena walls and twisting corridors, stairways, and ledge drops. The only difference between the six maps are the slightly different layouts. The good news is that they all feel rather natural to manoeuvre, but they all seem fairly similar. Therefore,  it is hard to tell each of the Splitgate simulation maps apart. It appears that because of their limitedness, they are not even listed on the official Splitgate arenas page. Anyway, this concludes our Splitgate Simulations guide