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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Stabblomancer Skill Tree

All skills in Stabbomancer Skill Tree listed and explained. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands character guide.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022 10:27 pm
Wonderlands Stabbomancer

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the upcoming looter-shooter game, which is a spin-off from the popular Borderlands franchise. It is set in a fictional Bunkers and Badasses game, which is heavily inspired by real life Dungeons and Dragons. The game will be narrated by Ashly Burch, who returns to play as Tiny Tina. We got some information on the skill trees of some characters, starting with Stabbomancer. We also covered the Graveborn already.

Update: We think this is one of the best solo player classes in the game.

Stabbomancer Skill Tree Wonderlands

I will list all the skills and their description, highlight the most important information, and then analyze potential synergies. Now let’s take a look at Stabbomancer Skill Tree in Wonderlands.

Wonderlands Stabbomancer Skill Tree
Screenshot via Joltzdude139

Major Stabbomancer Skills

Class Passive Skill: Dirty Fighting

The Fatemaker’s Critical Hit Chance is increased.

Skill Stats:

  • Increased Critical Hit Chance – 30%

Stabbomancer Action Skill 1: Ghost Blade

The Fatemaker throws out a Ghost Blade which spins in place at the target location, dealing Melee Damage periodically to nearby enemies based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.

Pressing the Action Skill Button while Ghost Blade is active causes it to teleport to the targeted location and reduces its remaining duration by a small percentage.

Skill Stats:

  • Reposition Penalty – 5% less of the Max Duration
  • Melee Damage – 75% of the Melee Damage
  • Melee Damage Frequency – same as Melee Weapon
  • Skill Duration – 16 seconds
  • Cooldown – 37 seconds

Stabbomancer Action Skill 2: From the Shadows

The Fatemaker enters Stealth, turning Invisible. While in Stealth, all damage dealt is automatically a Critical Hit, but Critical Hits deal reduced damage.

Skill Stats:

  • Critical Hit Damage – 25% less
  • Duration – 8 seconds
  • Cooldown – 36 seconds

Stabbomancer Skill Tree Capstone: Executioner’s Blade

Gun and Spell Critical Hits have a chance to create an Ethereal Blade above the target that will impale them after a short delay.

Ethereal Blades deal Melee Damage based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.

Skill Stats:

  • Chance – 20%
  • Damage – 100% of the Melee Weapon
  • Max Level: 1

Minor Stabbomancer Skills

Tier 1 Skill: Arsenal

Melee Damage is increased. Spell Damage is increased. Gun Damage is increased.

Skill Stats:

  • Melee Damage Increase – 3% per level
  • Spell Damage Increase – 3% per level
  • Gun Damage Increase – 3% per level
  • Max Level: 5

Tier 1 Skill: Haste

Melee Attack Speed is increased. Movement Speed is increased. When you cast a Spell, double this bonus for a duration.

Skill Stats:

  • Movement Speed – 4% per level
  • Melee Attack Speed – 4% per level
  • Duration – 12 seconds
  • Max Level: 3

Tier 1 Skill: Potent Poisons

Status Effect Damage is increased. Status Effect Duration is increased.

Skill Stats:

  • Status Effect Damage – 4% per level
  • Status Effect Duration – 8% per level
  • Max Level: 5

Tier 2 Skill: Follow Up

Whenever the Fatemaker deals Gun Damage to an enemy, increase the damage of your next Melee Attack.
This effect can stack. Melee Attacks consume all stacks.

Skill Stats:

  • Melee Attack Damage – 2% per level
  • Max Stacks – 10
  • Max Level: 3

Tier 2 Skill: Switf Death

While moving, the Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt. The faster the Fatemaker moves, the greater these bonuses.

Skill Stats:

  • Damage Dealt – 10% of default walk speed
  • Max Level: 5

Tier 2 Skill: Exploit Their Weakness

Whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect to an enemy, the affected enemy takes increased damage from all sources for its duration. This effect can stack per unique Status Effect.

Skill Stats:

  • Damage Increase – 2% per level
  • Max Level: 5

Tier 3 Skill: Nimble Fingers

Whenever the Fatemaker deals Melee Damage, their Fire Rate and Spell Damage are increased for a duration.

Skill Stats:

  • Fire Rate – 6% per level
  • Spell Damage – 8% per level
  • Duration – 8 seconds
  • Max Level: 3

Tier 3 Skill: Shadow Step

Kill Skill: The Fatemaker’s next Melee Attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit for a short duration.

Skill Stats:

  • Duration – 6 seconds
  • Max Level: 1

Tier 4 Skill: Sneak Attack

Critical Hit Damage is increased.

Skill Stats:

  • Critical Hit Damage – 3% per level
  • Max Level: 5

Tier 4 Skill: Elusive

You can now shoot and Sprint at the same time. Gain a chance to Evade incoming damage while moving. The faster you move, the greater the chance.

Skill Stats:

  • Evasion – 10% of default walk speed
  • Max Level: 1

Tier 4 Skill: Contagion

Whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect, there is a chance it spreads to nearby enemies. If no enemies are nearby, deal a percentage of the Status Effect’s total damage to the enemy instead.

Skill Stats:

  • Spread Chance – 8% per level
  • New Status Effect Damage – 50% of applied Status Effect Damage
  • Max Level: 3

Tier 5 Skill: A Thousand Cuts

Critical Hits grant the Fatemaker increased Damage Dealt for a duration.
This effect can stack up to 10 times. Melee Critical Hits grant additional stacks.

Skill Stats:

  • Damage Dealt – 0.2% per attack per level
  • Duration – 12 seconds
  • Max Stacks – 25
  • Max Level: 5

Tier 5 Skill: Alchemical Agent

Melee Critical Hits apply a random Status Effect.

Skill Stats:

  • Status Effect Damage – 10% of the Melee Damage dealt
  • Max Level: 1

Now you hopefully know everything about the skill tree of Stabbomancer in Tiny TIna’s Wonderlands. I will create many builds when the game launches.

Disclaimer! All the information is from the early build of the game and not the final product. The skill descriptions are based on a low level character.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is scheduled to release on March 25, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S.

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