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WoW Classic Soul of Iron is a new hardcore mode – kind of

Blizzard is sort of supporting official hardcore mode in Season of Mastery.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:46 pm
WoW Classic Soul of Iron is a new hardcore mode – kind of

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Blizzard Entertainment announced several weeks ago a fresh Classic WoW on the horizon with the new World of Warcraft Season of Mastery. While the event was announced, not much was announced on the project other than October 19. Blizzard released a bucket load of information. Among the information were plenty of previously unannounced changes coming in, including one of the more interesting ones, the Soul of Iron WoW buff.

What is the Soul of Iron WoW buff?

One of the most iconic parts of the new content dump is the Soul or Iron wow buff. The Soul of Iron WoW buff is a new buff that players can opt into. While it is on the buff bar, it is not exactly a buff in the traditional sense. The buff is merely an indicator that your character is on a unique challenge.

When a player opts into the Soul of Iron challenge, they get the tooltip on their buff bar indicating the character’s challenge. As long as the buff remains unchanged, it signifies that your character has not yet died. However, if you do die, you spit out a soul of iron, granting a debuff that reduces all your stats by 1% called Tarnished Soul. You can get the debuff removed. However, the original tooltip says “Never Known Defeat”. If you lose that, it shows that your character has died while trying the Soul if Iron challenge. You can get the Tarnished Soul removed if you wish by visiting the Chronicler you signed up to the Soul of Iron challenge.

It isn’t exactly like playing Diablo hardcore mode, where once you die, your character is automatically deleted. However, you can opt for that sense of gameplay if you so wish. How brave are you to try the soul of Iron mark of shame on afresh warrior with no gold or BoE items on the AH? 

How to get the Soul of Iron?

If you’re interested in playing the Soul of Iron hardcore mode, you need to visit a faction NPC. There are two NPCs currently in the that offer the chance for players to enter hardcore mode.

  • Chronicler Fero – Alliance, Ironforge Library at the Hall of Explorers.
  • Chronicler Morta – Horde, Undercity Apothacarium near the Herbalist trainers.

Once you visit these characters, you can interact with them and ask about pursuing the path. If you say yes on the second dialogue option, then you get the Soul of Iron mark. If you die before you get the chance to speak to either Chronicler, then you get the Tarnished Soul.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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