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WWE 2K22 Best settings for better gameplay

Only the best settings for realism in WWE 2K22!

Updated: May 6, 2022 2:03 pm
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Every WWE 2K game comes out with a lot of options to tweak in the settings tab. I always test out some variations of these options for the best experience for me. I will tell you about every option I use personally that works out the best for me. These are not objectively the best settings possible, but the settings I use. Keep in mind that I like a bit more simulation experience than arcade which is tricky with WWE 2K22 where the pacing is a lot faster than in previous games in the franchise.

First of all, to edit anything you need to go to the Options tab in the main menu. Do that by pressing R1/L1 on PlayStation or RB/LB on Xbox. Then go into Gameplay in the bottom part of the screen, slightly on the left. The settings are divided into four sections: gameplay, presentation, balancing and targeting. Let’s go into the meat of this article now.

Gameplay Settings

  • Difficulty – Hard

I like to play on Hard because the game is a bit more challenging, but I prefer it to Legend because I do not like the feeling like the AI is too aggressive and counters almost every move. It takes out from my immersion, but feel free to play on any difficulty level. It does not matter as much.

  • Weight Detection – Simulation
  • Pin Mini-game – Rapid

I prefer this mini-game, because you have better control over when you kick out. You could possibly mess up the old Timed mini-game, but with Rapid you can press it until it’s almost full and then finish just before the three counts for better realism and near falls.

  • Allow Held Input for Mini-Games – Off
  • Rope Break Automatic – Off

I prefer to have more control over rope breaks in the game but feel free to leave it at On.

  • Auto-Reversal for Ground Attacks – On

I am not quite sure what this setting in particular does, so I did not mess with it yet.

  • Entrance Run-In – Player
  • Mid-Match Run-In – Payback
  • Post-Match Run-In – Off

These settings are for Play Mode only so I just left them, so I would have the most control possible over what happens.

  • Blood – On

Better realism, the blood looks pretty good, although there could be a bit more of it to be honest.

  • Subtitles – depending on your preferences
  • Tutorial Tips – On

I turned it off already, but I would advise you to keep it On, because the game changes a lot and introduces new mechanics, so it is nice to see it explained a little bit.

  • Edited/Created Superstars Allowed – On

Presentation Settings

  • Superstar HUD – On
  • Fatigue – On
  • Control Help and Match Rating HUD – On
  • Reversal Prompt – Off

This is all up to you. I love to play with reversals turned off, because this way I can learn when to counter a move, and not wait for the prompt. You can learn to react faster and better if you do not wait for the visual indicator of a button, but it is all up to your personal preferences. It is a lot harder at the beginning, but in my opinion worth a try.

  • Camera Cuts – On
  • Camera Shakes – Off

I do not like too much shaking, motion blur and all that stuff in my games, but if you do not mind just leave it on.

  • Camera Panning – On
  • Post-Match Replay – On
  • Run-In / Breakout HUD – On
  • Display Referee Counts – Off

Once again, when it comes to realism, I like to rely on hearing the referee count and look at his arm instead of prompt numbers on the screen, but it is another thing that you will need to adjust to. However, we are aiming at realism, so there’s that.

  • Watermark Image – Off

It is really big guys; it is really big.

  • Controller Vibration – On

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Balancing Settings

Now this is where it gets interesting.

  • AI Standing Strike Reversal Rate – 50
  • AI Standing Grapple Reversal Rate – 40
  • AI Ground Strike Reversal Rate – 40
  • AI Ground Grapple Reversal Rate – 30
  • AI Finisher Reversal Rate – 40
  • AI Foreign Object Reversal Rate – 20

I found these settings to work the best for me. I want to be able to hit a bit more grapples and to connect when I am using a chair for the beat down, especially when the enemy is down.

  • Entrance Run-In – 0
  • Mid-Match Run-In – 0
  • Post-Match Run-In – 0

I want to have the full control over run-ins.

  • Referee Down Time – 100

More realism, referees are fragile, and they should stay down in the game as long as possible.

  • Basic Reversal Windows – 80
  • Ground Attack Reversal Windows – 80
  • Signature and Finisher Reversal – 80
  • Weapon Reversal – 80

With reversal prompt off it makes it a bit easier to perform a reversal.

  • Stamina Cost – 60
  • Stamina Recovery Rate – 40
  • Stunned Recovery Rate – 40
  • Rollout Frequency – 25
  • Rollout Duration – 75
  • Stun Gain – 80
  • Stun Duration – 90
  • Vitality Regen Cooldown – 40
  • Vitality Regen Rate – 40
  • AI Difficulty Damage Scaling – 50
  • Drag Escape Difficulty – 20
  • Carry Escape Difficulty – 20

Final Notes for Best Settings in WWE 2K22

Everything above goes for more realism. Stamina is not that important in the game, but stun is a new mechanics that needs to be explored a little further. Usually, I see maybe once or twice a match when someone is stunned, and it is great if you want to make the feel for a more even bout.

Making Stun Gain and Stun Duration much higher allows for more stunned people in one match. You can be stunned 5-6 times easily with these settings, and you will stay down for longer. It adds to the realism because AI stands up almost immediately after performing a running light attack for example.

The most important thing here is that you need to set up your mindset that you will also be stunned a lot more frequently which results in you not being able to counter certain attacks for a while. It has a tendency of being a little frustrating at first, but in the long run adds to that simulation style of the gameplay.

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