7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes – September 14

Here is the 7 deadly Sins Patch Notes for September 14.

7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes
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The 7DS Grand Cross patch notes are out on the official 7DS forums. The new patch goes live on September 14 for most of the planet, with the PT timezone getting it later on September 13.

The 7DS Grand Cross patch notes feature even more content to celebrate the 1.5 anniversary, featuring a firework bundle, ghost leg, the Giant Hawk boss battle, and various boosting events.

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7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes

The 7DS grand cross patch notes feature plenty of new content for you to play through. The patch is yet another part of the 1.5-anniversary event, ongoing through August and continuing throughout September. As part of the 1.5 anniversary, you can expect the continuation of the Fireworks Celebration, which kicked off in Part 2 of the anniversary on September 6.

However, one new thing is the Giant Hawk boss battle. The Giant Hawk is a boss 7DS players have already come across. However, we are getting the Scrapmaster version. This baddie has come and gone. You’re best off reassembling your expert Giant Hawk beating team. Have you got what it takes to take it down on Hellish difficulty? If you’re new, you might want to find an efficient bird beating team to tackle the boss on September 14.

On another note, the ghost leg is back, with players getting the opportunity to earn tickets and claim some free rewards once again. We are not sure about the rewards in this version’s ghost leg, so you’ll have to log in and find out on the patch. There’s also new content on village donations, so there’s plenty of content coming up on September 14.

Speaking of which, the 7DS Grand Cross patch notes were rather vague anyway. You can find it on the 7DS Grand Cross forums if you want to see it for yourself. There is a chance the devs may get more fleshed out while the devs lock in the soon to be released content.