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Apex Legends Escape patch notes – New Legend, new map and new gun!

The new Apex Legends Season 11 brings a new character, new map and new gun!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021 11:31 am
Apex Legends Escape patch notes – New Legend, new map and new gun!

The new Apex Legends season is coming. And it’s bringing with it a new character, gun, map and promises for fixed server stability.

We’ll be going into more detail about the new season 11 content, but here we’ll cover the basics and all the more crucial things to know!

New Legend: Ash

The latest addition to the roster and the Apex games is none other than Titanfall’s simulacrum Pilot, Ash. This, honestly, terrifying beast of a former-woman looks absolutely horrifying to go up against. Considering her particular abilities:

Passive: Marked for Death
Ash’s map shows the location of recent deathboxes. She gets a special prompt on a deathbox, use it to mark surviving attackers (once per box).

Tactical: Arc Snare
Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.

Ultimate: Phase Breach
Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location. This portal stays open for a short time, during which anyone can use it.

Her special abilties add a new element of fear to any fire-fight. Cause whilst you might be doing well against one squad, a nearby Ash will be able to quite smoothly join in the fight and take out the weaker links.


I can see Ash being a brilliant character to use with:

Seer: The two can ambush and strike unsuspecting squads in the middle of another fight or right after one’s finished.

Valkyrie: Other than the great dialogue content we can get with them. I think having Ash’s passive ability with Valk’s flight can be very useful to drop down on a weaker squad. Plus with Ash’s portal, this adds a lot of manoeuvrability to the team.

Wattson: Ash’s tactical and Wattson’s fences could properly trap someone inside a confined area. And then to top it off, add a Caustic to this squad and you’ve got a ruthless AoE damaging squad.

New Map: Storm Point

The absolutely gorgeous addition to the Apex maps is pretty exciting. Not because of how it looks but also what’s lurking in this oasis. All throughout the map, there are certain beasties and monsters that could prove to be a bit difficult to deal with. All across the map are Wildlife Nest. These nests are noted as red markers on players’ map. All nests are static and finite, meaning every match they are always in the same place, with the same type of wildlife and only small variations in their numbers.

wildlife nests.png.adapt .1920w

The wildlife will respect the boundaries pf their nests and will only be aggroed towards trespassers that enter their domain. But you will also get some slight rewards for battling the fauna.

  • Smart Loot Drops: On death, Prowlers and Spiders have a chance to drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, in addition to a few consumables and other goodies.
  • EVO Points: A small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor. This includes Flyers
  • Crafting Materials: Clearing a Nest rewards a lump of crafting materials which are divided evenly among each squad member in the nest at time of completion.

The map also has various points of interest and interactable things, such as the gravity cannons which can propel you across the map.

Patch notes

There’s quite a few changes to the game, with a more important change to Wattson that we’ll cover in this other article in more detail. But various general fixes involve the supply drop rotation.

apex legends screenshots s11 weapon carsmg a clean.png.adapt .1456w

Triple Take returns

The Triple Take will be returning to the floor loot! Taking it’s place is the G7 Scout, which will certainly be interesting to see. But with the Triple Take returning to the ground, here’s the changes to note.

  • Triple Take – now an energy-consuming marksman * Charge time from 0.8 -> 1.1 (pre-crate value)
    • Mag increase at all tiers (Base: 18, White: 21, Blue: 24, Purple: 27)
    • Ammo consumed per shot increased to 3
    • Ammo required per shot increased to 3

Fully kitted rotation

The golden guns are also changing.

  • Added: Mastiff, 30-30 Repeater, R-301, CAR, Longbow
  • Removed: Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle

Bug fixes

And finally, a few bugs have been fixed across the game:

  • UI/UX / Steam Only: Fixed issue where your online friends playing Apex didn’t count towards total online friends while in matches.
  • Fixed bug for Placing a Caustic trap over a Seer Ultimate,  that could result in the Ultimate being protected from taking damage.
  • Updated Volt skin’s charm placement to be moved up so that charms become more visible.
  • Fixed bug with players losing extra Boosted Loader extra ammo if the player reloads before getting to base ammo amount.
  • Steam: Fixed issue where if a player has a forward slash in their name, a backslash will be added right before it automatically. 
  • Legends- Retail – Hitting an enemy with Valk tactical missiles, can result in health damage even with shields equipped
  • Fixed issue where players do not see Legend Select when starting a game in Trios and immediately advance to drop ship phase.
  • Audio fix for cases where music starts playing in the middle of a BR match.
  • Fixed UI error that showed that the Legendary Prowler had the “Shotgun” tag in the in-game info screen.
  • Audio fix for cases where VO for map changes doubles up (plays both variants at the same time).
  • Audio fix for Rampart Town Takeover where vending machines had no soundFX.
  • Fixed bug where Non-Crossplay Steam friends playing Apex would show up with debug text.
  • Removed the random rock floating in midair in World’s Edge.
  • Bug fix for cases where a player could stand up and jump in a knocked-down state after an enemy starts finisher and cancels it.
  • Fixed bug where player names would be missing from Legend select.
  • Reduced hitbox size for Crafting Material Canisters to better fit its shape.

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