Bungie Reveal Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting System

Destiny 2 weapon crafting is finally a thing. No more do you need to sit and farm mobs or enemies, as you can now craft Destiny 2 weapons come to the Witch Queen expansion.

When the Witch Queen expansion launches on February 22, 2022, players will begin crafting their own weapons from the expansion.

Bungie announced the new Destiny 2 weapon system during the Bungie showcase when they announced the Witch Queen’s features. The weapon system was one of the expansion’s biggest features, getting several minutes of the broadcast dedicated to it. The new system is all about gathering materials to craft your own guns and weapons. You will eventually get to level them up no matter what content you do.

If you ever wanted to control your own’ destiny’ rather than relying on random drops from boxes and enemy NPCs, then this feature is for you.  From the launch of the Witch Queen expansions, you can craft Hive world weapons from the world and upcoming raids, along with the long-rumoured glaive weapon.

The good news is that the system is going to get post-launch support. At some point in the future, you will be able to craft even more weapons, but nothing has been stated on what they may be. There is no confirmation if this system will allow you to craft your own armor either. This may be one of the post-launch development options Bungie vaguely referenced.

Destiny 2 Glaive

The long rumoured Destiny 2 Glaive was at the forefront of the weapon crafting system. The Destiny 2 Glaiave is a hybrid weapon, allowing its user to perform melee attacks, fire energy blasts art ranged and perform defensive skills. The only way to get the Glaive is to craft the weapon. You will not be able to get one from a downed enemy or from any chests in any level.

The new Destiny 2 weapon crafting system is a massive change to how players acquire weapons. Destiny 2 has always been a looter shooter at heart. Players once had to grind mobs or farm the chest to get new weapons and gear. The new system adds a whole new way to play the game. If you really like the idea of the Destiny 2 weapon crafting system and can’t wait to play the game, you can find out how to preorder Destiny 2 Witch Queen expansion here.