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Cities Skylines 2 potential release date and what we know so far – does it even exist?

The best PC city builder ever could have a sequel in the pipeline, let's see what we know so far

Updated: Feb 9, 2022 3:23 pm

Cities Skylines was a monster hit when it was released back in 2015 – yes that far back and has seen quite a bit of DLC arrive to keep things fresh. Surely it is due a sequel though having performed so well the first time out. Well, rumors and murmurs abound that we will indeed see a Cities Skylines 2, but with nothing concrete as yet let’s have a look at why so many people think it may be on its way.

Cities Skylines 2 release date

Well with no clear news that Cities Skylines 2 is even in development, things started to heat up in a data leak from Nvidia which suggested that the 15th February 2022 could be a date of some significance.

Rumors of development, even though unconfirmed have been around for a considerable period of time, so while it is possible February may have some bearing, there is surely no chance we will get anything close to a finished game then.

Early access? Maybe. It’s unlikely to be in the Nvidia files if it’s just a press release. If all is quiet come February it also could have slipped. Either way, it’s a strange find if the project doesn’t exist in the first place.

With Cities Skylines development having slowed down over the last year or two it is not unrealistic to think that the devs could have been working on a sequel, although there is a limit to the need to keep it quiet for quite so long.

Either way, if and when the game is confined, this page will be updated the minute the information lands.

Cities Skylines 2 improvements

The fanbase is pretty vociferous on the kinds of things that could be improved, but when compared to the failure that was the last version of Sim City it was always clear that Skylines had got a lot of things right from the beginning. Patches and quality DLC all helped, alongside a willing community to turn a good game into a great one.

So besides more up-to-date graphics and better movement around the map what would you like to see in any potential franchise, leave a comment below as to how you would improve things.

6 thoughts on “Cities Skylines 2 potential release date and what we know so far – does it even exist?”

  1. Tyler Gorzney

    If Cities: Skylines 2 is not developed in UE5 I assume it will just be the same game, just more like a large DLC. If its not taking advantage of the possibilities in UE5, I won’t be interested, as it will be an outdated game as soon as it comes out and not taking advantage of what could be possible. In UE5, it would be absolutely stunning.

    • Brett

      Well, you haven’t seen what Unity is capable of lately. It can hold it’s own with UE5. It’s also very likely, it won’t be developed in UE5, as UE5 has just released, so you’re talking waiting another 2-3 years for it to be remade in that engine.

  2. Mark

    I would love some more realistic graphics and mechanics! It can be quite okay with LUT’s and assets and stuff, but the overall cartoonish feeling is still apparent, and the way vehicles go around corners is just too much Nickelodeon. Same thing with all the trucks with donuts and other weird things on the roof.

    I’m hoping for a combination of the detailed control and flexibility of every node that we know and love from before (especially with built in versions of mods like Move it and TMPE), and the realism of Transport Fever 2, with graphics worthy of 2022.

  3. Elias

    I love the game to, but like other things i got tired after playing over two thousands of hours.

    I did´nt really played the game as it was ment to from the beginning, more an art city builder like many other did.
    The reason were because it was too easy, so i hope we can expect an option to change degree of difficulty.

    Three thing that was really annoying;
    Sims where going to fast and a mod were needed to make them more realistic.
    And so the planes that only needed a 100 meters long runway to lift off.
    Game crashed of some Mods

    I needed over 50 mods and a few thousands of assets wich took alot from the GPU/CPU and RAM.

    I hope that CS2 would be:
    1. More realistic.
    2. Run smoothly (even if the city are big with many assets)
    3. A cooperation between modbuilders and Devs to make the (at least the most popular) mods/assets compatible with the game.

    • GLB

      Hi, i play the game xbox one and its smooth. The only thing i wish they insert for the next gen is: graphics, more zoning option, road add automaticaly water pipes and the roads haven the same of mods have to make the cities more realistic just because in console we dont have it.

  4. Jim

    I love Cities: Skylines. In a sequel I’d like to see…

    Easy way to put your own logos, designs etc onto vehicles, built in to the game rather than by modding

    Link two or more of your cities together to form a county or even a country, with the ability to transfer funds between them

    Better control of service vehicles, again built in rather than with the use of a mod

    List of all street names in current city, so for very large cities when naming you can see if you’ve used a particular name before

    Time period selection so when you start a city you can decide what era it’s in and the content available matches that, with new technology etc unlocked at the relevant times

    More control over keeping cities separate, eg suppressing certain vehicles from spawning in certain cities

    Double yellow lines on roads and better control of lane directions

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