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How to fix VAC was unable to verify the game session in CS2/CS:GO

Valves issues with CS:GO continue, unable to verify game session is the latest in a line of errors.

Updated: Sep 22, 2023 2:13 pm
How to fix VAC was unable to verify the game session in CS2/CS:GO

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Lately, Valve has encountered a problem that is causing significant complications for players attempting to access and participate in matchmaking. This issue manifests itself in the chat window with the message “VAC was incapable of confirming the game session for player XX,” and its meaning may not be immediately apparent. Here’s a guide on resolving the “VAC was unable to verify the game session” problem.

What is the error VAC was unable to verify the game session?

Whilst this error isn’t immediately very descriptive, it’s pretty easy to figure out once you think about it a little bit. Here’s what we interpret this error to mean.

VAC is Valve’s anti-cheat system, this is a system that uses AI to analyze player patterns and look for unauthorized software integration hooking into the game. It’s pretty good for the most part, however, a few cheaters still slip through the gaps.

The VAC was unable to verify the game session error most likely occurs when VAC itself or the server that governs it can’t make a decision about a specific player, or the status of yourself on the server you have connected to.

How to fix VAC was unable to verify the game session

Like everything online, VAC has its own servers where it’ll talk to Valve and other systems, issuing bans, suspensions, and whatever else to game servers. When this communication cannot happen, VAC will throw an error. This is most likely the cause of this VAC error.

We aren’t game designers or network engineers, so this is a very crude example of what could be happening. it’s just nice to have an idea sometimes.

How to fix VAC was unable to verify the game session

First of all, this isn’t likely an issue with you. It’s an issue with the Valve, VAC, or game services. There are instances where something on your end could throw an error like this, but the likelihood it’s your fault is slim.

However, we’re going to show you some ways to circumvent this error anyway.

Re-launch CS2/CS:GO

Sometimes it’s as simple as turning it off and on again, this will refresh everything including the connection to all servers and services, hopefully fixing the error.

Varify CS2/CS:GO game files

You can try verifying the integrity of your game files to fix the CS:GO VAC was unable to verify the game session error, this will make sure all of the game files installed on your system aren’t modified (either intentionally or unintentionally) so that VAC doesn’t see this as an attempt to cheat on your part.

Unorthodox fixes

There have been a couple of reports on Reddit of some unusual means of fixing the VAC error, here are some of those fixes:

  • Change your Steam name
  • Use task manager to force quit Steam and re-launch it.
  • Restart Steam and run as admin
  • Change your profile picture
  • Try a bot game first

Here is the Reddit thread reporting on the issue should none of this help, or you want to view more fixes.

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