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CS:GO playing posture reviewed – what is the best way to play CS:GO?

Putting my eyes on the line to answer questions nobody asked.

Updated: May 11, 2023 11:31 am
CS:GO playing posture reviewed – what is the best way to play CS:GO?

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Have you ever watched pro-CS:GO players like Ropz and thought “Why on earth do they sit so close to the screen like that?” Surely the “square-eyes” position is dreadful for not only your eyes, but your back, neck, and your gameplay. But somehow, certain pros excel sitting in these positions. Here’s the CS:GO playing posture reviewed.

Well, I tried them all, from Ropz’s 2-inch away position to the JDM relax and recline. Putting my eyes on the line to answer questions very few people asked. Let’s dive right into it.

CS:GO playing posture

Everyone has their own way of sitting and playing games like CS:GO, we usually just sit however we are most comfortable, but what if that’s the reason you suck? What if you should be constantly on edge, uncomfortable, and sending your eyes to an early grave? That’s what we’re here to test today.

First of all, I had to test the up-close-and-personal Ropz x Yekinder position, I mean, I really hugged my monitor.

Danger close sitting position – 2/10

This hurt my eyes, but I’d be lying if I didn’t see the potential benefit this might have if you’re used to something like this. I was playing at 1080p and boy could I see it, I haven’t seen an image this crusty since I resized tiny backgrounds in Windows XP.

With that being said, the high refresh rate makes your crosshair buttery smooth, but you can’t see much past the crosshair, you need to be really good at pre-aiming as your FOV is extremely reduced thanks to the close proximity to the screen.

I played a full game … on bots, stop laughing, just to try it out. The rating here has to be 2/10 exposes your monitor for the trash it is and worsens your prescription by at least 0.25.

Cruising the whip reclined position – 4/10

I felt cool but definitely didn’t look it. As if the looks I got from my co-workers weren’t enough when I was sitting 2 inches away from my monitor.

CSGO sitting position reclined

It’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than the Danger close position, but enemies became very hard to see thanks to them being so small on the screen and you being so far away. I also couldn’t see the letters on my keyboard so it’s a good job I’m familiar with touch typing or else I’d have been done for.

This is nice if you have a good eye, but what you gain in comfort you lack in reaction time. I actually did worse in this position than I did in the Danger close position. 4/10, because my eyes don’t burn.

Average Jo position -9/10

As it turns out, the middle ground is the best ground to be on. I was comfortable, I could see, and I didn’t get death stares from co-workers. I did the best overall in this position thanks to a mix of comfort and visibility. 9/10, I’d have given it 10, but I’m shockingly bad at CS:GO, so my being bad gets a point deducted.

CS:GO playing posture reviewed: Final Word

In conclusion, finding the right playing posture in CS:GO can have a significant impact on your gaming experience. While extreme positions like the up-close-and-personal Ropz x Yekinder style may offer some benefits in terms of smoothness and focus, they often come at the cost of strained eyes and reduced peripheral vision. On the other hand, reclined positions may provide comfort but can hinder reaction time and visibility.

The optimal choice seems to lie in the middle ground, where comfort and visibility meet. The average Jo position allows for a balance between the two, resulting in better overall performance. It offers a comfortable posture, and adequate visibility of the game and surroundings, and avoids unnecessary strain on the eyes.

Ultimately, finding the best playing posture is a personal preference, and it may require some experimentation to discover what works best for each individual. The goal should be to maintain a posture that promotes both comfort and optimal gaming performance.

We hope you enjoyed the CS:GO playing posture reviewed.

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