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What’s coming up in Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter, Portrait of a Murder?

The current DBD Public Test Build is on PC now, with a new survivor and killer. Here’s all the patch notes from the PTB.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021 3:44 pm
What’s coming up in Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter, Portrait of a Murder?

Dead by Daylight’s latest Player Test Build (PTB) patch notes reveal more about the upcoming DBD Chapter Portrait of a Murder, including a new survivor, Jonah Vasquez, and creepy killer The Artist.

While everyone’s talking about The Artist, DBD’s new killer with a tear-jerker of a backstory, she and new survivor Jonah Vasquez are just the pinnacle of the Dead by Daylight PTB patch notes. Of course there’s a new map to boot, and a bunch of fixes as well. With this being a Player Test Build, though, some things are liable to change before the full roll out of Chapter 22, Portrait of a Murder.

DBD Chapter 22 – Portrait of a Murder PTB patch notes

According to the official PTB patch notes on the Dead by Daylight forum, quite a few changes have been made on top of the new features being brought in for the new Chapter. Here’s just a few of the most notable additions and amendments.

New Killer – The Artist

Carmina Mora joins the ranks of Killer in Dead by Daylight as part of the Portrait of a Murder Chapter. Once a promising young artist, troubled by a past of betrayal, abandonment and horrific trauma, Carmina’s art dragged her into the path of a corrupt organisation who cut off her hands. Following the brutal attack, The Artist was engulfed by the Black Fog, which is where her part in the Dead by Daylight story begins.

The Artist’s Perks

The Artist’s Perks will only be available to Carmina Mora until Level 30, at which point Teachable versions can be unlocked.

Grim Embrace

You gain a token each time you hook a survivor for the first time. Collecting all four tokens will activate Grim Embrace, and all generators will be blocked by The Entity for 20 seconds. The Obsession’s aura will also be revealed to you for four seconds.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance
dbd ptb the artist perks

Up to four random hooks will become scourge hooks at the start of the trail. Their auras will appear to you in white. Hooking a survivor onto a scourge hook will instantly cause the generator with the most progress at that moment to explode. All players who are at the generator will scream, which will reveal their location to you, while the generator itself will lose progress. 9% will be lost immediately, and it will continue to regress.

Hex: Pentimento

With Pentimento, you will be able to see the aura of destroyed Totems, and will be able to restore them as Rekindled Totems. The more Rekindled Totems spread across the map, the stronger their effects will be. Removed Rekindled Totems are consumed by the Entity.

1 Rekindled TotemSurvivors’ repair speed is reduced by 20%
2 Rekindled TotemsSurvivors’ healing speed is reduced by 20%
3 Rekindled TotemsSurvivors’ recovery speed is reduced by 20%
4 Rekindled TotemsSurvivors’ exit gate opening speed is reduced by 20%
5 Rekindled TotemsAll Totems are blocked by the Entity.

New Survivor – Jonah Vasquez

A mathematics prodigy, Jonah Vasquez spent his entire life following the path of a handful of numbers that seemed to be leading him somewhere, but that he couldn’t decipher. The same numbers reappeared in his life time and time again, sometimes in terrifying ways.

Eventually, after following a lead which resulted in the loss of innumerable innocent lives, Jonah inadvertently found himself at the exact time and place the numbers referred to. It was at this point that a dark, Black Fog descended upon him.

Jonah’s Perks

As with The Artist, Jonah’s Perks are restricted to him until Level 30, when they can be unlocked as Teachable Perks.


As a math wiz, Jonah is able to calculate how much energy he can afford to expend. As such, Overcome will allow Jonah to retain the movement speed bonus for an extra two seconds when injured. However, Overcome will cause the user to become Exhausted for 60 seconds and cannot be used again while Exhausted.

Corrective Action
dbd ptb jonah perks

You start the trial with one token and will earn another for each great Skill Check completed, up to a maximum of five. When cooperating with you, if another Survivor fails a skill check, one of your tokens will be consumed and their failed Skill Check will become a good Skill Check.

Boon: Exponential

Utilise Boon Tokens to drastically improve recovery speed. When near a Dull or Hex Totem, activate the Ability Button to bless it, and it will become a Boon Totem. Soft chimes will ring out within a 24 meter radius, and any Survivors within that range will receive a recovery speed boost of 90% and can recover completely from the dying state. Only one Totem can be blessed at a time.

New map – Eyrie of Crows

Part of the new Forsaken Boneyard Realm, Eyrie of Crows is a new map for Chapter 22. The stunning but haunting map is inspired by Carmina Mora’s lore, particularly her relationship with crows after they saved her from death. A huge tree makes up the central part of the map, with a murder of crows swarming its branches.

Other — Changes to the Cenobite

A Dev note in the official PTB patch notes states: “The Cenobite has been overperforming since he came to DbD. These addon changes are intended to bring his five best performing addons more in line to reduce his overall power, accompanied with a buff to his worst performing addon.”

Those five addons are:

  • Liquified Gore — Solving time modifier decreased from 2 seconds to 1 second
  • Torture Pillar — Chain Hunt activation time to decreased from 10 seconds to 5
  • Larry’s Remains — Solving time modifier decreased from 4 seconds to 2
  • Chatterer’s Tooth — Undetectable status increased from 12 seconds to 25
  • Engineer’s Fang — Just one additional chain will spawn when hitting an injured Survivor with a possessed chain

The worst performing addon is Iridescent Lament Configuration, for which the range has been increased from 16 meters to 24.

General Content Updates in DBD PTB patch notes

Character portraits have been updated for Adam Francis, Dwight Fairfield, Laurie Strode and Meg Thomas, while background images have been updated for Adam, David, Dwight, Feng, Jake, Kate, Meg, Nea and Quentin.

This is just the top line of the long list of changes in PTV 5.4.0. To read through the full list patch notes for DBD Player Test Build, check them out on the Dead by Daylight forum.

How to access the Dead by Daylight PTB

If you want to participate in the Player Test Build and be one of the first to try out Jonah and the Artist, you’ll need to be playing Dead by Daylight on Steam.

  • Locate Dead by Daylight in your list of Library games, right click, and select Properties
  • When the Properties menu opens up, select Betas
  • Bring up the drop-down menu under ‘Select the Beta you would like to opt in to.’
  • Choose ‘public-test — External Branch for Public Tests

To opt back out again, which you will need to do in order to play when the PTB is no longer active, simply follow the same steps, but select None.

Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder release date

There is no official release date for Chapter 22 – Portrait of a Murder yet, however, the Dead by Daylight Youtube channel notes that the update will be rolled out in November, 2021, so we know it will be in the next few weeks.

Excited for the new update to Dead by Daylight and can’t wait to survive the killer with your friends? Find out if Dead by Daylight is cross-compatible in our guide.

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