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Latest leak shows new Fortnite event coming soon

New Fortnite event seems to be just around the corner and will likely happen within the next few weeks.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023 2:52 pm
Latest leak shows new Fortnite event coming soon

Epic Games seems to have prepared a lot of new content for Fortnite over the next few months. The v25.20 update added many interesting things to the video game, yet some of them haven’t been released yet. Thanks to leakers, we now have an idea of what will happen in the game soon.

The latest update added several files regarding an upcoming Fortnite event. It appears that the event will be a conclusion of The Apparatus storyline and will be connected to Slone. While the exact release date of the event hasn’t been revealed yet, it’ll likely happen within the next two weeks.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Next Fortnite event will likely take place in August

The Apparatus is a landmark in the jungle biome. It’s located east of Rumble Ruins, and players had to visit it to complete a couple of secret quests. According to the latest leak, the landmark will play a big role in the upcoming Fortnite event.

Throughout a series of secret quests, loopers helped The Apparatus gain Kinetic Ore Prisms. These Prisms will soon cause a telescope on top of the structure to emit a purple beam in the sky, projecting an astral map.

While it’s hard to tell what all of this means, the map could be a guide to the moon. It could be a reference to the Ice Moon, a popular location that was available to loopers during the Collision event in Chapter 3 – Season 2. If this is the case, we might see The Seven return to the game soon.

The Ice Moon is very important since The Seven established a base there. Additionally, the organization built the Mecha here, which has played a huge role in several events.

Considering that Chapter 4 – Season 4 is scheduled to start in late August, the Fortnite event will likely take place over the next two weeks. Epic Games may use it to introduce us to the next season and possibly a live event that will conclude the current chapter.

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