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Latest Fortnite update has brought more gameplay changes

Updated: Jul 4, 2023 3:49 pm
Latest Fortnite update has brought more gameplay changes

Fortnite is a battle royale game that probably everyone has heard about by this point, and the game is constantly bringing on some new features and changes, including new skins. Between cosmetics that players can work toward in the Battle Pass, there are also tons of modes for players to take part in.

The game often gets updates displaying the latest new features, skins, and other items added to the game. With summer in full swing and school out, Fortnite is rolling out its update filled to the brim with summer festivities.

Fortnite replaces the flare gun

With it being the Fourth of July, it is no surprise that Fortnite has added some of their own fun to the get for a holiday. In the latest update, Epic Games has replaced the flare gun with one that instead shoots fireworks, The Firework Flare Gun.

In a recent tweet from Hypex, it shows some of the latest new features and items brought to the game, which include the following list below.

  • Two New & Returning Augments: Icy Slide & Thermal Mud
  • Tracker’s Armory Augment has been disabled
  • Flare Gun replaced by the Fireworks Flare Gun
  • Unvaulted Ice Cream Consumables
  • New Summer Itemshop Background

Something that players have already noticed to be missing from the lineup is the surfboard which we once saw before, Hypex replied and stated that they must have scrapped it once again. However, players are still getting some really cool items, nevertheless. Not only is the Flare Gun replaced with Fireworks, but there are many new summery-looking things coming, including a new summer item shop background to give the best summer vibes.

There is much to look forward to in this Fortnite summer update, and just maybe Epic Games will add a few more things before the summer is completely out.

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