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Halo Infinite Local Co-Op Canceled

There's a chance it's just a delay, but it doesn't sound like it.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022 6:08 pm
Halo Infinite Local Co-Op Canceled

The Halo Infinite local co-op has been canceled.

In a recent update from 343 Industries, a roadmap revealed a delay to Season 3’s release date.

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On top of that, a video diary suggests that the split-screen co-op may have been canceled altogether.

We’ve got all the details don’t the story right here.

Halo Infinite Local Co-Op Cancelled

During a Halo Infinite Update video, Joseph Staten (head of creative at 343) said:

“We had to make the difficult decision not to ship campaign split-screen coop, and take the sources that we would use on that and go after this list and all these other things.”

While it’s possible that this decision is temporary, and split-screen co-op could eventually come out. However, the wording makes it seem pretty clear that Halo Infinite local co-op is canceled.

On the plus side, according to the accompanying blog post, it sounds like online co-op is still moving forward. So you’ll still be able to enjoy the game with your friends. You’ll just have to do it online.

Halo Infinite Season 3 Delay

Halo Infinite Season 3 Road Map

Another key takeaway from the update was the delay to Halo Infinite Season 3. While it was originally penciled in for a November 2022 release, Season 3 is now coming out in March 2023.

While it’s reassuring that 343 is taking their time with this content update, many fans are disappointed at having to wait for four extra months.

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The bonus is that we do at least get to try out the Forge Beta in November when the Winter Update drops. At that stage, players can produce custom maps, which have been a Halo online staple since Halo 3.

Halo Infinite Community Reactions

As you can probably expect, reactions to this situation have been pretty mixed. While some fans were happy that time was being taken on the update, others saw the move as a complete loss for 343 Industries.

This isn’t a win.
Season 2’s co-op and forge were delayed.
Desync won’t be fixed until at least march.
There will be a 4 month gap until season 3 featuring exclusively cut content from season 1.
That means that from this point it’s 9 months until season 3 ends.

-User @KaSyl_Personal on Twitter

Still, others thought the added content we could expect would make up the shortfall between March and now.

More bad than good? Hard disagree.
The delay sucks but it’s not like we’re getting nothing in the interim. Co op, the forge beta, the new maps and modes, and the new free bp with two events positions them nicely to bring a polished season 3 that will basically re-launch the game.

– User @MattCovarrubias on Twitter

It remains to be seen how this move will affect the game’s player numbers, but at least half of the fanbase seems to be on board. For now.

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