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How to get Sonic in Fall Guys

Here's how to get the Sonic the Hedgehog skin in Fall Guys

Updated: Sep 1, 2022 1:26 pm
How to get Sonic in Fall Guys

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Fall Guys has seen some pretty cool models since its release, however, none are cooler than the custom Sega Sonic skin. If like us, you can’t wait to get your hands on it, fear not, we’re here to explain exactly how to get Sonic in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys was first released back in August of 2020 and became an instant hit amongst casual gamers and the streaming community. It quickly rose to global success and became one of the most downloaded games in PlayStation Plus history

With such success, it was no surprise to see major companies like Walmart, KFC, and Konami trying to cash in on the game’s popularity – advertising their own brands with in-game Fall Guys skins. 

While Fall Guys’ developer, Mediatonic, didn’t release any official skins from these brands, a competition coined “Battle of the Brands” did take place – offering up Fall Guys’ skins for the biggest charity donations. A number of high-profile streamers took the bounty on this occasion, but that didn’t stop Fall Guys from releasing a special Sonic the Hedgehog skin as part of the company’s 60th birthday celebration. 

We’ll be explaining exactly how to get this cool Sonic skin in Fall Guys in the following article.

How to get Sonic in Fall Guys

Actually getting the Sonic the Hedgehog skin in Fall Guys couldn’t be simpler. Unfortunately, it does mean saving up and buying the skin via the game’s store. The skin comes in two parts and each will cost you a cool 5 crowns – meaning a substantial amount of gameplay is required to save up for this little beauty. 

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Sonic skin in fall guys

Having said that, Fall Guys often runs promotional campaigns that allow players to gain crowns on a much quicker basis – with the Season 2 of Fall Guys offering up 600% more Golden Crowns. 

Of course, there are other ways of generating crowns in the game, with 18 crowns up for grabs via the game’s Battle Pass. 

Once both parts of the Sonic skin have been purchased, you’ll be able to use the skin as you work your way through the battle royale to Fall Guys’ victory. 

Fall guys gameplay trailer

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