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iOS 15 Beta 7 Changes

We Discuss The iOS 15 Beta 7 Changes, New Features, And What You Need To Know Before Installing iOS 15 Beta 7

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iOS 15 Beta 7 changes, features, and updates are the subject of this page.

Below we list everything you need to know about iOS 15 Beta 7, including how to download and install the new operating system and known issues with iOS 15 Beta 7.

Read on to find out more!

iOS 15 Beta 7 Release Date

  • The iOS 15 Beta 7 release date was August 25, 2021 – eight days after the preceding release of iOS 15 Beta 6
  • The iOS 15 Beta 7 size is 654.1 MB  (at least for the iPhone 12 Pro we tested it on).

iOS 15 Beta 7 Changes & New Features

iOS 15 Beta 7 Changes

iOS 15 Beta 7 changes compared to iOS 15 Beta 6 are mostly limited to bug fixes (see below) and to polishing the experience – making reactions to inputs and transition animations smoother and less janky. For instance, interacting with the bottom bar in Safari is now a smoother, more refined experience: there is less frame stuttering when swiping between tabs. expanding text boxes, and the scroll animation has been tweaked.


Additionally, iCloud Private Relay is now labeled as beta in iOS 15 Beta 7.

iOS 15 Beta 7 Bug Fixes

The majority of iOS 15 Beta 7 changes over iOS 15 Beta 6 are bug fixes. The main iOS 15 Beta 7 bug fixes are as follows:

  • Phone calls – Adding participants to call is now possible on the 3G network.
  • Maps – “The Bay Bridge is now scaled correctly at high zoom levels.”
  • Focus – Siri is now able to switch between any available Focus.
  • VPN – VPN apps can now connect as long as they utilize a private API (one that’s no longer available in iOS 15).
  • Apps – Amazon, Bitwarden, Amazon, and a selection of other third-party applications are now functioning again, which did not previously in iOS 15 Beta 6.

iOS 15 Beta Changes & New Features

Generally speaking, iOS 15 is a big overhaul of Apple iOS for iPhones and iPads which aims to reduce distractions and streamline the whole experience. The main features of the new iOS are as follows:

  • Maps – A new 3D view has been incorporated which lets you see landmarks (although only in certain cities at this stage). Directions for when walking or driving have been significantly improved.
  • Safari – The Tab Bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, and tabs can now be organized into groups. Extension support now exists within iOS Safari. can be used in Safari for iOS devices for the first time. The overall appearance of Safari has been given an uplift, but you don’t like the new look, you can revert many of these changes to the old Safari appearance.
  • FaceTime – Will have (not yet implemented) an improved interface with new SharePlay features for watching videos, listening to music, and sharing your screen with your friends and family via a Shared With You Feature.
  • Focus – With the new update you can make custom settings which hide notifications and applications for when you’re working/trying to switch off. A prioritization system can also be setup so you only see what you deem important.
  • Spotlight – Spotlight now brings up more tailored search results.
  • Photos – Photos‌ will be able to identify subjects within a photograph to give you information on whatever it may be landmarks, books, plants, and pets, so you can snap a photo of a plant and get information on what it might be. Photos also now includes a Live Text feature which identifies text in any photo and then converts it into a word processor form that can be copy/pasted. ‌
  • Wallet – The wallet app is to be improved, including the ability to add ID cards, hotel key cards, and smart home locks.
  • Privacy – privacy improvements are to be implemented, including a Mail feature that disguises your IP address, and an ‘App Privacy report’ which will let you know how often apps access sensitive data.

How To Download iOS 15 Beta 7

Before you download iOS 15 Beta 7 and get stuck in, hold your horses!

Downloading any new operating system can cause issues with your system, especially one still in Beta.

It is important that you don’t rush the process and correctly back up your existing system before trying iOS 15 Beta 7.

To make sure you protect your phone and any information on it, check out our How To Download iOS 15 Beta Profile page.

iOS 15 Beta 7 Known Issues

As with any Beta, the main purpose of the iOS 15 Beta 7 from the developer’s perspective is to iron out any issues with the product prior to the full release of the operating system.

For a full list of all the known issues with the iOS 15 Beta and the best workarounds for them, take a look at the iOS 15 Beta release notes page.

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