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Is the Surface Pro 8 still good in 2022?

We ask is the Surface Pro 8 is still worth the money and a good buy?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022 11:56 am
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Is the Surface Pro 8 still good given the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9? In a word: yes, and we will explain why in more detail below. There haven’t actually been a great many design changes between the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Pro 9 – the main difference comes down to the power of the core components, and the option for a 5G connection on some SKU options of the newer device. This means the Surface Pro 8 might be the better choice for many, given it’s available for substantially cheaper, particularly over the Black Friday period.

Read below for everything you need to know, plus some great deals on the Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 vs Surface Pro 9

The aesthetic design of the Surface Pro 9 is pretty close to that of its previous-gen counterpart, the Surface Pro 8, despite the older device being over a year old now.

The main change of note in the Surface Pro 9 are the more powerful options if you decide to go with the Intel CPU (Intel 12th gen i5 or Intel Evo 12th Gen i5/i7 vs the 11th gen ones in the Surface Pro 8). Additionally, like the Surface Pro X, you now get the option for a Microsoft SQ3 CPU chip, which allows for 5G connection, rather than just the standard Wi-Fi of the other options, a feature the Surface Pro 8 does not have.

Besides this though and some more subtle changes, both devices are pretty similar and the Surface Pro 8 is available for substantially cheaper.

The best Surface Pro 8 deals currently available

If the more powerful CPU of the Surface Pro 9 doesn’t interest you, or you’d rather just opt for the more affordable option and save that valuable cash, see below for the best current Microsoft Surface Pro 8 deals on the market.

Also make sure you check out our Black Friday Microsoft Surface deals & Microsoft Surface Pro deals page for more great offers on the different variants of the tablet series, as we get closer to the final weeks of November.

Is the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 any good?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is one of the best tablets available on the market, coming with the option for a detachable keyboard to enable it to be used in a laptop form factor.

When was the Surface Pro 8 released?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 was launched on September 22nd 2021, and then released on the 5th of October in the US and Canada, the 28th of October in the UK and other parts of Europe, and gradually released thereafter across the rest of the world.

Can the Surface Pro 8 replace a laptop?

The Surface Pro 8 can function as a capable laptop replacement as long as you make sure you buy the Surface Pro keyboard, which is often sold seperately from the main tablet (although they can be bought together).

Does the Surface Pro 8 come with a pen?

Often the Surface Pro 8 will be listed for sale without the stylus pen to go with it. Make sure you check before buying whether or not this is the case, and be prepared to buy this item separately.

Can the Surface Pro 8 run Windows 11?

The Surface Pro 8 can run Windows 11 Home Edition /  Pro Edition or Windows 10 Pro Edition.

Final Word: Is the Surface Pro 8 still good?

So, to round it all off, the answer to the question: Is the Surface Pro 8 still good? is most definitely, in fact it may be the better option for many users who don’t need the processing power or 5G connectivity of the newer version, as it’s available for substantially cheaper, and we expect to see some great deals on it this Black Friday.

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