Madden 22 Pre Order Packs Not Showing – Pre Order Bonus Missing

Pre order packs not showing in Madden 22? Don't worry they are coming!

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Madden 22 early access is well and truly underway, giving players who bought the MVP and Dynasty editions of the game a full three days of gameplay before everyone else. Early access wasn’t the only pre order bonus though, every edition, including the standard, came with some additional benefits for those that chose to pre order.

Unfortunately, there have been reports that Madden 22 pre order packs are not showing, leaving many missing their pre order bonus.

EA and games in general sometimes have the odd slip up when it comes to pre-ordered benefits. Madden 22 is available on all platforms but now the early access is in people’s hands many are starting to wonder where their pre order rewards are. As we mentioned this isn’t uncommon and you certainly aren’t alone, plus EA is already aware that there are a few teething issues regarding said missing bonuses.

A Tweet from EA stated that they are already working on a fix for this bug. So while it may be annoying, you are guaranteed to get your items in the end. This bug wasn’t the first though, with some reporting that their 10-hour play trial was cut short early,  just vanishing completely.

Unfortunately, for those that lost the trial, EA stated there was no way to reset it but the game is almost here anyway.

To help fix the issue, EA directed players to their official; website for more information on the apparent issues. The bottom line here is that you may just have to be patient but you are going to get your pre order bonus as soon as this problem is resolved.