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Maingear is launching its own drop series of PCs

Maingear is launching a new series with a lot potential including a great Noctua addition

Updated: Sep 14, 2023 8:52 am
Maingear is launching its own drop series of PCs

MAINGEAR, a leading manufacturer of premium gaming PCs, has unveiled its new MAINGEAR Drops program, which will regularly release high-performance gaming rigs and limited-edition builds inspired by the PC gaming community’s latest trends. The Drops program consists of two main categories: “Series” drops and “Limited Edition” drops.

The “Series” drops feature pre-configured gaming systems that utilize the industry’s hottest cases and cutting-edge components, catering to various price tiers. On the other hand, the “Limited Edition” drops offer completely custom-built PCs that redefine the gaming experience with unique themes and high-performance components.

Maingear Series and Limited Edition drops

The program’s inaugural release is the “North Series,” built around the popular North desktop PC case from Fractal Design. This series embodies gaming performance with an air of sophistication and is available in various enthusiast-configured performance tiers. These builds offer a range of GPU options, from an RTX 4060 to the powerful 4090, as well as Intel Core processors, air or liquid cooling systems, and more, starting at $1,299.

Additionally, MAINGEAR has partnered with cooling experts Noctua to launch the Noctua North Limited Edition, a powerhouse PC equipped with an ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 OC Noctua Edition GPU and a 13th-Gen Intel Core i9-13900K CPU, along with high-end cooling solutions. This exceptional build is priced at $4,699.

All components in both Series and Limited Edition drops are meticulously selected and tested for maximum compatibility, reliability, and performance. MAINGEAR’s dedicated builders in New Jersey handcraft each PC, ensuring rigorous testing and quality assurance.

Every MAINGEAR gaming PC comes with a standard one-year warranty, upgradable to three years, and access to their award-winning lifetime support. New drops will be regularly announced as part of the ongoing program, allowing gamers to stay at the forefront of PC gaming technology and trends.

MAINGEAR’s Drops program represents a commitment to excellence, bridging their legacy of quality with the evolving culture of PC gaming, as noted by Wallace Santos, CEO and co-founder of MAINGEAR. The company aims to cater to gamers who seek both exceptional performance and unique aesthetics in their gaming setups. With this initiative, MAINGEAR reaffirms its status as a leader in the premium gaming PC market.

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