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Dr. DisRespect has “zero interest” in CoD thanks to these features in MW3

Updated: Aug 24, 2023 1:50 pm
Dr. DisRespect has “zero interest” in CoD thanks to these features in MW3
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While Dr. DisRespect is well known in the Call of Duty community, and many would think he’d have issues with Modern Warfare 3, it’s still strange to see how he feels about the game. Dr. DisRespect started as a level designer for the CoD series, notably working on Advanced Warfare, so it’d be easy to think there’s a part of him that is fond of the franchise.

It’s true Dr. DisRespect is making his own game to compete with Warzone, but it’s important to remain vigilant just in case. The reason for his disinterest is even stranger, as most people saw this feature as a boon to the series.

Dr. DisRespect on MW3

While Dr. DisRespect said he “didn’t know” why he didn’t like MW3, he named an issue right off the bat. Bringing old maps back, basically $70 for remasted maps, and too many new operator packs coming out very often.

The operator pack is arguably a good thing because it means more content for players, but it can get pricey if you want to get everything. When compared to a game like Fortnite, which gives multiple free skins to players, it’s less fun to always spend money instead of getting new skins from skills.

Jake Lucky of Gamer Update brought up a great point in the video above that meshes with Dr. DisRespects way of thinking. Essentially, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have remastered the MW3 maps and made their players pay a full game’s price for them. Call of Duty doesn’t have many changes with each new iteration. It’s a lot like EA and their sports titles where very few things change from year to year.

Now players have to pay for a full game for what is essentially just touching up on older maps. There should be more new maps in MW3, but we would hope these remastered maps feel more like bonus content than an integral part of the map selection.

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