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New World loses half a million players in a month

At least you must be doing something right if you have half a million players to lose in the first place, but why and where are they going?

Updated: Oct 31, 2021 5:12 pm
New World loses half a million players in a month

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If it didn’t exactly come from nowhere, the initial phenomenal success of New World from Amazon surprised many, included the publishers themselves who simply couldn’t keep up with the demand for servers.

Having an initial concurrent player base of 650k that rose sharply to over 900k at the start of October, this has now slumped to less than half of that by the end of the same month.

The aforementioned server issues and several large bugs and lack of a patch and telling road map have led to players dropping like flies and we now need to see moves by the devs, if not to save the game, but certainly show they are capable of fulfilling its potential.

When is the New World patch available?

New World Outpost Rush

The visits to WePC’s New World hub show just how much players want to play the game and want it to be right, so the hope would have to be that hundreds of thousands who have dropped out flock back once the patch lands. New World is still a firm office favorite with a couple of staff members here so it clearly has something above the ordinary. Even they though have expressed a possibility that they might drop out until things get fixed, which is not that unreasonable a request considering the game is not cheap.

As to the patch, everybody remains in the dark as to what it will contain and when it will be available. We are hoping it will be in the not too distant future. Amazon remains quiet but that doesn’t mean it won’t just drop out of nowhere. If everybody is waiting for the patch and flood instantly back to the game the servers will struggle again and that would, once again, be detrimental.

Fingers crossed the game gets the first aid it needs before its player base bleeds out completely.

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