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No Mans Sky Outlaws update add pirate missions and outlaw stations

Here is a look at the new No Mans Sky Outlaws update and patch notes.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 4:18 pm
No Mans Sky Outlaws update add pirate missions and outlaw stations

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Hello Games has announced the new No Mans Sky Outlaws update. The new patch allows players to take on the role of a space pirate, including forming pirate space wings and finding Outlaw space stations and more. Here are the details on the new NMS patch notes for the Outlaws update today (April 13).

No Mans Sky Outlaws Update

No Mans Sky Outlaws Bounty Hunter
Become a bounty hunter for the Outlaws in the new No Mans Sky update. Image via Hello Games.

There are plenty of new occurrences throughout space. Many space sectors have fallen under the control of outlaws, making space piracy a greater threat. Players can now form bands of pilots to face off against the rising threat or become the bandit and execute smuggling missions. Go to any Outlaw controlled space station, buy contraband goods and ship it to other merchants willing to buy it.

However, system authorities will scan goods to find if they contain contraband. If you are detected with contraband material, then the authorities will unleash Sentinal Interceptors, which will deal with the smugglers amidst its presence.

In addition, there is now even more reward for becoming an outlaw. There are no bigger bounties and yields for those who dare to attack trader ships, or passing freighters. However, the risks are there with more vigorous sentinel activity. This comes at a cost to your reputation, but, you can always use the new item, Forged Passport, at a station core within any regular space station to remove your criminal history.

The new Outlaws faction is part of the new Blighted Expedition. The Blight is a pirate faction for the distant edges of the galaxy, who have now come into known space to terrorise the sentinels. The expedition is not yet out, but, when it does, you will begin a search for a mysterious treasure in a whole new narrative-driven campaign.

But, there are new missions to go on, which you can access via Outlaw controlled systems. You can then unlock a new item called the Shroud of Freedom and new titles for your character. There is even a bounty hunter character in outlaw space, offering a range of missions with a high chance of profitability for those willing to engage in dangerous escapades.

Lastly, there will be pirate battles on sentinel owned planets. Watch as No Mans Sky’s outlaws descend from the heavens to reap havoc on the planet, with dential defence systems active to create new theatres of war unfold upon your eyes.

No Mans Sky Wingmen feature

Yes, you read that right, you can now recruit Wingmen to fly alongside you. These will help you when you get into space combat. They will come to your side and help find off any form of the foe, whether that is sentinel fighters, outlaws or any other threat you can encounter. To recruit wingmen, visit any roaming pilot you come across and ask them to join your wingmen squadron. Visit any space station, speak to pilots, or visit the planetary trading posts to see who you stumble upon. Make sure to check their ship out before asking them, and recruit the best possible squadron you can get your hands on.

When you recruit a wingman to your squadron, you can then manage them and upgrade them. You can inspect their skills, traits, and battle statistics. Visit your capital ship, head to the bridge and then access the Manage Fleet Terminal on deck. You can also unlock the additional fleet capacity to recruit more pilots to your squadron through upgrades, along with training your pilots to become even better.

No Man’s Sky Space combat overhaul

No Mans Sky Pirates
Pirates and Sentinals can now dog fight in planetary atmospheres. Image via Hello Games.

There is also a massive space overhaul for ships in the new No Man’s Sky pirates and outlaws update. There is now a redefined combat system, with ships getting equipment that make them better at disrupting shields or shattering hulls. Those who want to build squadrons will need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of their squad to ensure victory in space.

More so, to make some of the new features work of the Outlaw activity, there will be a new atmosphere update. Freighters can be seen from the planet’s surface entering the atmosphere, while you can now have dogfights in space much easier. Whether that is with Sentianl foes or the Outlaws is up to you.

In addition, the visual effects of the space-related ships are much more appealing. There are now new and improved explosions of fighters, trader ships, freighters and more. On the other hand, there are better animations and effects for ships entering light speed, making the eh game much more immersive.

Speaking of immersion, there is now better cloth physics and the addition of cloaks. Now you can look the part while becoming the ultimate Sentinel aid or Outlaw in space.

For a full look at the No Mans Sky Outlaws and pirates patch notes, feel free to check out the official post on the NMS patch notes website.

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