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Nvidia announces brand new GPUs at CES 2022: RTX 3050, 3090Ti & more

Nvidia begin 2022 with a slew of new announcements

Updated: Jan 4, 2022 4:40 pm
Nvidia announces brand new GPUs at CES 2022: RTX 3050, 3090Ti & more

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Today at their CES 2022 presentation, Nivida has announced a slew of new products, including new GPUs, displays, laptop GPUs and AI products. Kicking off with GPUs, Nvidia look to expand their current GPU lineup with two additions in the Ampere lineup, the RTX 3050 and the RTX 3090Ti.

These are two polarising SKUs that point in two directions, the RTX 3050 is something that is for more casual gamers looking for an entry-level RTX system, that still performs well at 1080p. Whereas the RTX 3090Ti could even be used to using Ray Tracing and DLSS at 8K, though your mileage may vary with that particular one.

rtx 3050

We’ve popped together a handy list of where to buy the RTX 3050 and the RTX 3090Ti, so you don’t have to keep looking. In particular, the 3050 might be a good competitor to AMD’s newly announced RX 6500XT, meaning that you might want to wait for the end of January as reviews will then be out for both of these SKUs. The RTX 3050 will retail for just $249, making it an excellent value option for many gamers.

With a release date of January 27 for the RTX 3050 and unspecified for the 3090Ti, these are likely to be some of the last Ampere cards that we see come to market, though we could easily be wrong as Nvidia could heat up the architecture once more, as they have previously done with the Turing series. Nvidia boasts that the RTX 3090Ti is coming with 40 teraflops of GPU performance, which ends up at around 10% faster than the standard RTX 3090.

3080Ti & 3070Ti Laptop GPUs announced

Nvidia hasn’t shown off its MX 550, which we have previously reported on, which won’t be winning any awards, but is based on the GA107 GPU, this is based on Ampere architecture but still won’t do anything too groundbreaking. However, something of note is the RTX 3080Ti Mobile GPU, which will bring with it an enormous amount of power in a tiny package. In addition to this is 3070Ti laptops, which are coming on February 1st.

Nvidia G-Sync eSports displays

geforce displays min

Nvidia is looking to refresh the old notion that you only use low res, high refresh displays. This is where Nvidia esports displays come into play, which is looking to bring 1440p and industry-leading refresh rates for the lowest possible latency rates to ensure that you get the best competitive gaming experience. With oodles of exciting features, these brand-new Nvidia displays are definitely something to keep your eyes out for this year. These displays will be from AOC, ASUS, MSI and more, which means that you will be able to get your hands on a brand-new monitor with some swanky new features to boot.

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