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Prime Gaming giving away Jedi Fallen Order, World War Z Aftermath and Warhammer Total War for free

Get three big games with Prime Gaming this January.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022 10:12 am
Prime Gaming giving away Jedi Fallen Order, World War Z Aftermath and Warhammer Total War for free

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Prime Gaming is kicking 2022 off with a banger of a giveaway. If you head over to Twitch.TV, you will find that you can get your hands on an Origin code for Jedi Fallen Order, while you can get World War Z and Total War Warhammer 1 for free if you link your Epic Games Store.

How to claim Prime Gaming rewards

If you’re interested in grabbing yourself these Prime Gaming rewards, you will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime.  Once when you’re subscribed, you’ll be able to connect your Twitch account to your Amazon account, which will flag your account for Prime Gaming.

How to get Jedi Fallen Order for free on Prime Gaming

Once when you become a Prime Gaming member, you’ll be able to get yourself Jedi Fallen Order for free. At least until February 7, 2022. If you get it, you will then get a code for Jedi Fallen Order which you can claim over on the Origin client.

This is by far a fantastic deal in itself. It is one of the best single-player games to launch in 2019, getting great acclaim. It is even on sale at the minute at a discounted price, but it will return to the RRP of £34.99 once the sales end. 

How to get World War Z Aftermath for free on Prime Gaming

Another Prime Gaming freebie is World War Z Aftermath. The game is the sequel to the popular World War Z horde based shooter that launched exclusively on the Epic Games Store several years ago. The game also went free to claim for a limited time over on the Epic Games Store a rather long time ago. The game features an expanded campaign, taking us to a diverted frontline. In this one, you can head over to the Vatican City and reclaim the home of the Catholic Church from its armageddon reality, among other new locations. Morso, the game comes with a better melee system, unique movies, better skillsets, dual wielding and more.

Note, for those wondering, World War Z Aftermath is a standalone game, and you do not need World War Z to play the game.

If you’re interested in grabbing it, you can link your Epic Games Store account to your Twitch Account. Clicking redeems the World War Z link on Prime Gaming will automatically bring you to the connect your Epic Games Store button, follow the instructions, and it is yours.

How to Get Total War Warhammer for free on Prime Gaming

Total War Warhammer 1 may have launched in 2017, but there is hype masing for the upcoming release of Total War Warhammer 3. So, there’s no better time to give Warhammer 1 away for free, getting people ready for the culmination of the five-year-long trilogy of games. All you need to do is click on the Prime Gaming loot list, click on Warhammer 1, and press redeem. Igt will ask you to link your Epic Games Store and redeem it that way. Follow the instructions to link your accounts and redeem the game.

If you do decide Warhammer 1 is a great game, and you want Warhammer 2 and 3, then you’ll all the factions you need to play a game of the Mortal Empires mode, and more if you won the DLC. Warning: It will eat your hard drive and possibly give your CPU and storage unit of choice a ‘fun’ time. However, it will provide you with the ultimate Warhammer Fantasy battle experience, which will feel like the end times has come early.

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