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Ready or Not patch notes – first major content update goes live

A huge update for the current darling of Early Access games on Steam. Let's take a look at some of the patch highlights

Updated: Jan 30, 2022 10:34 am
Ready or Not patch notes – first major content update goes live

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If you ignore the brief flash of controversy Ready or Not garnered amid talk of maps containing school shooting scenarios, the game has actually done really well since entering early access. It currently sports a Very Positive rating on Steam and this new content update – the first the game has received will do it no harm at all, bringing with it an array of new content (although you could have guessed that) and features, including new maps, weapons and more.

Ready or not patch notes

The full patch notes for what has been included can be viewed here on Steam, but let’s pick out some of the highlights so you don’t have to trawl through it all yourself.

Ready or not January Update highlights

  • Sight swapping/toggling for new optics
  • Free Look (with option to activate through a hold or toggle). Also has a wider horizontal range of movement
  • Added 3 Test Maps: Valley, Fast Food, and Penthouse (Heavily WIP)
  • Fixed a rare bug causing players to get stuck on the load screen
  • Start match time reduced to 10 seconds (previously 20 seconds)
  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution graphics option
  • Allow arrested AI to move
  • SWAT will fire back when sensing damage (fixes SWAT getting shot and not returning fire, also allows Suspects to fire back if they they take damage through walls/doors)
  • SWAT will abort arrest if target is not surrendered, or is already arrested
  • SWAT now use door interactions from the center (reduces issues in tight geometry spaces where the point on the navmesh will end up on the wrong side)
  • SWAT now checks if enemy is fake surrender/drawing/picking up a weapon for engagement checks (with a small buffer of time to simulate delay)
  • Improved SWAT navigation for all maps

These are just a few of the things that have been altered in this update so you can certainly tell that Void is going all-in on Ready or Not. There are way too many other fixes and tweaks to mention here, but it basically looks as though you have run into a problem early on so far, it would well have been mended by the time you install this patch.

Encouraging signs then with the game being in Early Access that things are going to improve pretty rapidly. Let’s hope the fixes and additions continue to come thick and fast.

Ready or Not Content update trailer

Void Interactive has also released a trailer to showcase what is coming in the January Content Update and it is pretty cool. Check it out below.

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