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PS5 restock: stock tracker, where to buy a Playstation 5 & get a PS5 pre order

Looking for a PS5? Look no further.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022 11:18 am
PS5 restock: stock tracker, where to buy a Playstation 5 & get a PS5 pre order

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Are you after a PS5 restock? We’ve got everything that you need to know about getting your hands on Sony’s new console, which launched in November 2020. Since then, the console has been consistently selling out with consistent restocks, thanks to the reseller market in addition to the sheer demand of the console. These often sell out within seconds, so we’re here to give you the best chance of getting your hands on a brand-new console, with exciting upcoming exclusive games such as God of War: Ragnarok and more. This is a good competitor to the equally formidable Xbox Series X.

Latest PS5 restock

Update: 20/04/2022: The UK has seen various PS5 restocks across the board today, so don’t wait and get your hands on a console at the following places below:

Sony PlayStation PS5 restock

Despite the incoming drops of PS5s, it is still going to be incredibly hard to get your hands on one. We are going to be providing links below to the retailers that have the best chance of restocking their shelves. Some retailers, such as GAME, operate with a queue system due to a large influx in traffic and for those that try and order more than one PS5, your additional orders will be canceled within 24 hours. Yes, so it still looks like one per person but that’s a non-issue, there is no need to be greedy.

Playstation 5 stock tracker live

We’ll be checking the below for any further updates you might want to know about the Playstation 5 and both SKUs that it currently retails for, the disc and digital editions respectively. The Playstation 5 is still only available in one color, despite there being multiple colors for the plates on the console officially available from Sony, in addition to multiple colors of the Dualsense controller. We will be keeping a keen eye out for what we can spy further as we get it.

PS5 live stock tracker (US) – Where you can buy a PS5

RetailerPS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition Console
Amazon USOut of stockOut of stock
Best BuyOut of stock Out of stock
TargetOut of stockOut of stock
WalmartOut of stock Out of stock
GamestopOut of stock Out of stock
NeweggIn stock nowIn stock now

The store with the most consistent amount of stock for the Playstation 5 in the US is Newegg. However, this is because of Newegg resellers, so be wary about where you are purchasing from, and the price you might be paying relative to the RRP. It’s likely that you will want to wait for a full drop from a different retailer in order to get the most for your hard-earned money. With that said, you can still get a console, if you wanted to.

PS5 stock tracker (UK) – Where you can buy a PS5

RetailerPS5 ConsolePS5 Digital Edition Console
Amazon UKOut of stockOut of stock
GAMEIn stock nowIn stock now
ArgosOut of stockOut of stock
BoxOut of stockOut of stock
VeryIn stock nowOut of stock
Currys Out of stockOut of stock
Smyths ToysOut of stockOut of stock
Playstation DirectIn stock nowOut of stock

The stock situation in the UK is not much better than in the US. With extremely limited drops happening at a similar cadence, you need to keep your eyes out on the latest PS5 restock alerts on this page in order to keep up with when to get a PS5 and when the restocks actually happen. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, otherwise, you may not actually be able to secure your unit at all.

How to buy a PS5 – 5 tips to help you secure a console

If you’ve followed anything on this page at all, you’ll have found that PS5s are nefariously difficult to get your hands on, this is why we’re going to be running through our top tips on how you can save on getting yourself one of these incredibly elusive consoles and bring yourself into a brand-new console generation.

  1. Regularly check stock levels
    Getting a PS5 isn’t as simple as just hitting the buy button, you are going to need to get yourself familiar with the cadence of stock drops, and where you might have the best chance of getting yourself one of these brand-new consoles.
  2. Save your payment and address information
    Once you know where the stock is going to be at any certain time, you will want to ensure that you’re able to sign up for an account, and get your payment and address details saved. This means that once it comes around to the time that you want to actually purchase the thing, you’re not stuck there filling out forms whilke the stock is being secured by others.
  3. Know what you want
    A lot of the time retailers will go live with several bundles, and these usually last a little bit longer than the PS5s themselves, meaning that you have more of a chance getting a Playstation 5 console if you purcahse it with a game or accessories. However, these bundles can get pretty expensive quickly, so you’ll need to be prepared to pay a little bit more than MSRP, if you want to pick up a game or two, or a controller, be sure to set a budget with how much you want to pay for these, otherwsie you could be spending a huge amount of cash on things that you just don’t need.
  4. Make sure you have the best possible internet connection
    Don’t get caught blindsided by a poor internet connection which will be bound to hamper your chances at getting a PS5, this means ensuring that your device is connected to a stable internet connection to prevent any instances of potential packet loss, which could potentially stop you from getting your Playstation 5.
  5. Use multiple devices if you have them
    Websites can get incredibly slow ehn many people are trying to access them at once. To be in with the best chance at a retailer that fdoes not use a queuing system, be sure to use multiple devices that are signed in and follow all of our top tips above. Be sure to use all of the devices at your disposal in order to try to get one, otherwise all of your attemps might be for nothing if your one device gets stuck loading things up.

PS5 pre order: Amazon, Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy & more

Are you after a PS5 pre order? Sometimes, once retailers have confirmed a shipment of PS5 consoles, they will open up orders and pre orders to the general public, meaning that you can have an extra chance to get a PS5 console, but you’ll simply just have to wait for it to arrive. Considering it’s already been over a year since the PS5 launched, you will probably be happy to wait slightly longer in order to make your decision, as pre ordering a unit might give you a better chance to secure a console than you would have had otherwise.

Playstation 5 pre orders: US

Want to get yourself a Playstation 5 pre order? We’ve got you covered, with every retailer that could possibly give you a PS5 pre order in the US below. Be sure to check back regularly to see if they indeed do have stock and get yourself a brand-new console today.

Playstation 5 pre orders: UK

Get your Playstation 5 pre order in the UK by simply heading to one of the links below to check to see if any units are on offer. Otherwise, you can keep checking the table right here on this page to see if you can get a unit without actually having to

How to pre order a PS5

Wondering how to pre order a PS5? All you need to do is be sure to check every retailer possible in order to get yourself on the ladder, from there you will be able to look at where you’ll be able to We’ve got it all here so you can check out just where you will be able to grab a brand-new console in order to bring y

When will the Playstation 5 be back in stock?

PS5 restocks often happen weekly or fortnightly dependent on the retailer that you are looking at. This time period can vary from retailer to retailer, but you usually see a group of retailers going live at around the same time. This is because Sony will be shipping them to users at near enough the same time. Due to this, they often go live on the same day, or in the same week. During these times, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on this page for the latest on when the PS5 will be restocking. We expect to see the supply and demand lighten up over the course of this year, but that all remains to be seen. Sony is pumping out as many consoles as they possibly can, it’s just a case of getting the materials to assemble them, and then ship them over to retailers and their distribution networks.

When is the next PS5 Restock date?

Wondering when the next PS5 restock will be? Expect the PS5 restock date to be around two weeks after the last drop of Playstation 5’s for that retailer at a minimum. Sometimes, this can take up to a month.

How often does the PS5 restock?

The PS5 restock happens as often as retailers are able to get units in to sell. This can be from two weeks to up to a month in time, and can sometimes take longer around peak times of demand such as seasonal events.

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